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Mirror 2 Project X

Mirror 2 Project X is a game "3 in a row" in the style of multi-line rendering engine UE4 with some parallel universes. Any of them will affect the ending of the game. Mirror 2 Project X uncensored torrent download you can now at the corresponding buttons below. Chiune. The creature who is timeless; the woman who stays forever young. - Truth. A girl from a rich family. He has grown up in a bookish environment since childhood, but prefers to study Tiangong technology. - Truth. A native of a primitive tribe, a wanderer on the edge of the world.

Pour. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation and Defense) where, why, age, all unknown. Rita. The Doctor works for the FBI, a senior employee, technical director of the Institute for the Supernatural Biological. In fact, the game focuses entirely on the narrative, so we recommend that you relax and immerse yourself in it all. And as for the adventure game, all the action, decision making and more, all depends on your ability to skillfully combine different elements and items "three in a row". In this case, a successful comparison is accompanied by a nice animation.

As the game's story progresses, you will have to choose. Different options - so you give different parts of the story. The right to choose is up to you! The game has many puzzles waiting for the player, three in a row means eliminating them! Although some moves achieve the specified goal and open up new parts of the game.NYE. At this rate, take every opportunity and try to go through a huge number of different worlds. Spend time solving puzzles and think of the power-ups that help turn the game around.

You can finally relax. The beautiful girls you have brought with you have started a wonderful and wonderful celebration. Sun, sea and beach, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dodey Island with you. Pool, bath, bed - you can also do it all. In the meantime, you should Mirror 2 Project X download mechanics torrent uncensored all the DLC. On a beautiful island, it is worth to visit everywhere. Enjoy the comfort and romance of beautiful girls! The narration occurs through dialogues, some of which can choose one of the answers. In Mirror 2: project h you will also have to fight a succubus, but in a rather unusual sense of the word. The combat system is tied to a 3-in-1 game, dealing the same damage for points earned. The more combinations possible, the more damage the Demon will receive. The girl herself can attack you and heal you with an air kiss. Before the start of the battle there is an opportunity to pump up some skills and take with you supplies: first aid kits, bombs to upgrade puzzles and other damage.

Features Mirror 2 Project X

  • Rich background that is very attractive.
  • Plausible character models.
  • Every decision you make affects the course of the story. Existence or destruction is up to your will.
  • Puzzles and three in a row for 3D visuals... It all gives players a new experience.
  • Excellent and beautiful 3d characters anime Mirror waiting to meet you
  • Many different clothes and accessories that can be combined the way you want
  • Many different interactive scenes await you
  • Multiple controls, choose different positions you want
  • Workshop support, contact us
  • Create freely

Year: 2022
Developer: KAGAMI 8545 WORKs
Publisher: NIJICO
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 7.99 Gb

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Core i5-3570K / FX-8310
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: GeForce GTX 1050
  • DirectX: Versions 11
  • Space: 10 GB

Mirror 2 Project X screenshots:

Mirror 2 Project X screenshot Mirror 2 Project X screenshot Mirror 2 Project X screenshot

1. Unzip the game
2. See in the game folder two shortcuts.
3. Launch Mirror 2: Project X (this is the main game). For a side mini-game, run Mirror 2: Home.
4. Important Note: Do not run the game with the full Launcher, only with .exe individual games or through these shortcuts.
Play and enjoy!

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