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Mount Blade Warband

The battles for the throne continue in a separate part of the popular role-playing game, where, after the fall of the Empire, the knights and representatives of the imperial troops entered the battle for the thrones. But you as a brave and valiant knight will be to become the leader of a simple people who wants to restore injustice and return his lands. The fact is that after the fall of the empire, marauders, barbarians and rebels appeared, who combined efforts so that blood and then capture all new lands.

You do not have to admit internecine wars, and later you yourself as the protagonist can sit on the throne and become the master of the destroyed empire. But for this you need to go a long and difficult path in the Mount Blade game, you can download torrent for free on our new game site, you will need to combine ordinary peoples in one single state. But it will be difficult, because barbarians are preparing another large-scale attack on your lands.


After the death of the emperor, the rich heirs want to get all the landscapes of the Kingdom. For this, they hire the rebels who mercilessly rob the population of the Kingdom. But here the main protagonist of the game appears, which will soon be able to become the king. For this purpose, he needs to form an army from ordinary residents. Then his will to victory and fearlessly, your knight will be able to lure to his side and rebels. Here are the main components of such a fascinating role-playing game. You will be hiking either on horseback to explore the territory and fight with the enemies. Onions and arrows, sword and crossbow - here is your main weapon. During the game, you can constantly contact a game map. Now the game is completely translated, so it will be much easier to cut all the gaming nuances and situations. Use your armor, lead a whole army of supporters from simple people to defeat invaders and hated rebels. Wola to victory is the main key to successful passing of all game levels.


A unique opportunity appeared in this version. You can marry, thereby continuing your own. Give the captured lands to the people, thereby increasing their gaming authority. But do not forget about global battles for your lands. In the Mount Blade game, download torrent, the of which you can free by visiting our game server, you can also collect weapons from the warriors you killed. For such a reward for the development of your main character experience. Look for resources, move on horse area on horseback, change the equipment of your protagonist.

And a few words

I would also like to note that in the game you need to constantly increase the experience of your warriors. You must do everything to join you as many soldiers from the simple people can. Employe the rebels and the rich heirs of the throne and stop the bloodshed. Become the king of the power - such missions, global missions you will have to conquer!


  • Combat system. You can overcome the enemy inland, but there is an opportunity to use siege and throwing weapons against enemies. Uniquely short-term system looks.
  • Equipment. Your protective iron costumes with lats and armor must be constantly pumping, and still use the newest weapon - this is the perfect crossbow, which will definitely be able to hit the enemy.
  • Research. You just can carefully explore the territory of the enemy, getting there unique for your character resources and artifacts.

Year: 2010
Publisher: Paradox interactive
Crack: Include
Download Size: 3.32 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 2.5 GHz (1 kernel)
  • RAM: 1024MB (XP); 2048MB (Vista, 7, 10)
  • Video: 256MB RAM Memory, DirectXnine
  • Place on HDD: Not less than 8 GB

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