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Mustache Armies

You can download torrent for free on our site is a very simple platformer, which again proves that in the game the most important thing is idea and execution. Release took place in 2013, the developer accounts for the most famous company Turbodindon. The purpose of this game is to protect their possessions at any cost. For this you have your own fortress and a good armed armed army. However, a huge army of enemies appears from nowhere, which is trying to capture your territory.

As you already understood, you have to join them into battle. Only in no case do not forget to replenish your detachments with new warriors, which you will have to buy money received for the murder of every enemy soldier.


To be honest, the game is not completely long, but I want to play again and again. You have a very important mission, you should destroy the army of opponents in any way, which, at the beginning, may seem invincible. At first, you will have one single soldier with elementary weapon, but after he kills one of the opponent, you will get the opportunity to purchase a new soldier's money earned, or even a robot, after which you can join the battle. However, there will be one difference from the first battle, now your soldier will completely repeat your actions. After every death, you can buy new warriors. As a result, you will have a big army soldiers who have to be able to skillfully manage. Your task is to defeat opponents, and get to the most important tower to subsequently destroy it. Do you cope with it? Or you can win only with one soldier? Try to download Mustache Armies through torrent for free on our wonderful game resource, and plunge into the world of travel. We are sure the game you will undoubtedly like!


In principle, graphics, music and gameplay in Mustache Armies in the style of minimalism, there is nothing superfluous, but, despite this, you will be tightened into this game and get a large number of positive emotions.

In the game you will be given to the choice of 5 soldiers: ordinary, ninja, machine gunner, grenadeometer and rocket meter, you can buy absolutely any. In addition, you are waiting for 3 types of technology, here: tank, helicopter and robot. The most expensive and most powerful weapon is a robot, but it will be extremely difficult to buy it. Undoubtedly, sooner or later everyone will pass the game, because after losing you will get another soldier. You have the opportunity to crush your opponents with pastiets, heavy artillery, ninja machines for killing, Bazooka-Saldates, tanks, helicopters from hell, and incredible awesomeness robots!

Platformer with a very interesting gameplay was developed for the Ludum Dare 26 contest. In each round, you must purchase a soldier and fight opponents, all your actions are recorded and reproduced in the following round. In this way, you have a chance to assemble a real, big army.


  • Unusual and fascinating plot.
  • Excellent musical accompaniment.
  • In the game you can purchase any of 5 soldiers: ordinary, ninju, machine gunner, grenadeometer and rocket meter.
  • You are also waiting for 3 types of stunning techniques: tank, helicopter and robot.
  • Kill opponents, earn money and get in your army new soldiers.

Year: 2016
Developer: Turbodindon
Publisher: Turbodindon
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.014 GB

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Mustache Armies screenshot Mustache Armies screenshot Mustache Armies screenshot Mustache Armies screenshot Mustache Armies screenshot Mustache Armies screenshot

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