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Nancy Drew Shadow in Water

Every time your woman detective investigated the most dangerous and terrible secrets. She traveled in different countries of the world. She managed to investigate the most confusing cases with her detective talent. She was able to catch a dangerous thief, she helped her girlfriend. And finally, your character decided to relax a little and visit the country of the rising sun. Arriving in distant Japan, your heroine was surprised by local scenery, blooming sakuras.

She thought she got into a real paradise. But it was not there. She again has to demonstrate his talents. The fact is that all the events of the game Nancy Drew shadow near the water, download torrent which is possible for free on our game server, will occur mainly in the mysterious hotel. Locals are afraid of even approaching the hotel. There, ghosts and ghosts live in local legends. And now your heroine must learn all the secrets of this ominous place.


Nancy gets into Japan and is trying to relax there a little from the daily work of the rates. But she will learn from the locals that something is happening in one hotel. From there they have sinister voices, and residents are afraid to enter such a building. But you faced many times with difficulties, and now you will explore the territory of the capital of Japan to solve a whole tangle of incredible and mysterious events that are directly related to the hotel. In the process of the game, your heroine will always solve a lot of puzzles. It will undergo gaming missions both inside the hotel and explore the neighborhood of the capital. The path will be difficult, so you, in addition to finding items and evidence, will still need to communicate with the local population. You will definitely have to solve all secrets associated with such a terrible place. Why do such inexplicable events work in the hotel? Where such sinister voices comes from? And why ghosts intimidate the inhabitants of such a beautiful city? Find out this can only Nancy.

Mechanics of the game

The hotel has long been empty, all the guests have long moved, because a certain ghost is inhabited there, which residents are afraid. During the investigation, your heroine will receive a huge amount of information from residents. You will see your progress in the game on the game map. There is an opportunity to get tips if you suddenly go to a dead end. Download Nancy Drew Shadow in the water through torrent is possible in free mode on our game server. Excellent puzzle and new adventures for your heroine.

Your racks will constantly seek help to guests. Have time to chat with hotel customers, because they hastily collect suitcases and leave one by one hotel. Look for items, join the discussion, and also find the culprit who artificially created a ghost to take away the hotel from the owner. Complete all levels and bonus chapter will be available!

Features Nancy Drew Shadow in Water

  • Competition. Probably the ghost is only a trick from competitors. This is exactly what your heroine should find out, and you should like a player in this to help her.
  • Locations. Inside the hotel you will inspect all the rooms and numbers, trying to find information and objects there, which can be activated.
  • Objects. Objects in the rooms and in the vicinity of the Japanese capital will be scattered in chaotic order. You must use the objects found correctly. For it get bonuses.
  • Graphics. The graphics are performed in perfect style. The gloomy and frightening atmosphere in the hotel will make you shudder a little. But this is the main chip game. Yes, and mysterious sounds and magnificent gaming rollers are presented in the game.

Year: 2010
Publisher: Novij disk
Crack: Include
Download Size: 1.06 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Pentium 3 - 1.0 GHz or Athlon XP
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Space: 1364 MB
  • Video: GeForce 3 Ti200, (64 MB)

Nancy Drew Shadow at the water Screenshots:

Nancy Drew Shadow In Water screenshot Nancy Drew Shadow In Water screenshot Nancy Drew Shadow In Water screenshot Nancy Drew Shadow In Water screenshot Nancy Drew Shadow In Water screenshot Nancy Drew Shadow In Water screenshot

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