Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships Download PC Game Free

Nancy Drew treasure seven ships

The adventures of your heroine that has become famous for its detective talent continues in the next part of the popular game with the elements of the quest. Where will bring your charming character this time? And she will fall into a tropical paradise. Together with the girlfriend, they decide to visit Bahamas to move away from everyday affairs and work and just relax on the island. But here Nancy will face gangsters and criminals.

It will have to fulfill their requirements to save your best girlfriend. In the game Nancy Drew treasure seven ships, you can download the torrent for free on our site game, you will unravel things again and try to find invaluable treasures, which long ago, Corsairs and Flembastra hid on the ship. For them hunt criminals who put hard ultimatum hard heroine. We again take the case and looking for an ancient treasure. New riddles, locations on the island, mysterious ships of pirates. It will be a fascinating, but dangerous mission.


When the random and her girlfriend come to the island, they decide to relax a little and enjoy the beauty of the tropical island. But the criminals, having learned that the legendary woman detective came to the island, decide to kidnap her girlfriend at night. They make their way to the cabin, after which the girl kidnap. The next morning Nancy receives a mysterious letter in which the bandits nominate their conditions. The detective should use his talent to find a loose treasure. Then they will be ready to let Nancy's girlfriend. Your heroine does not have anything left, as agrees with the conditions of bandits. Your mission begins. You will again explore the surroundings of the island, visit the ships, search the rooms to find ancient manuscripts and manuscripts. They will help you to find treasures as soon as possible. But without the help of the police could not do. But Nancy must secretly report on the police that could catch and plant hazardous robbers and hunters for ancient treasures. Very interesting version, beautiful tropical landscapes are waiting for you in the game.

Mechanics of the game

In the process of the game you will unravel the ancient secrets and riddles. You can find ancient artifacts on locations, get a lot of interesting and valuable information. Act will have to be yourself, although it will be possible to appeal to local residents. But only the bandits do not have time, so you need to act immediately. Download Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships Through torrent you can completely free and directly from our game server. Look for items and solve a lot of puzzles and puzzles. The more puzzles decide, the sooner get to the treasure and save your girlfriend.

In this version you must definitely inform the police about the abduction of the girlfriend. They, in turn, should also be attentive not to scare out gangsters. At the end of the game of criminals is waiting for Kara. That's just a heroine must find an ancient treasure, which pirates hid in the holds of one of the flagship frigates. Nancy will succeed, will deduct the treasure and save a girlfriend.

Features Nancy Drew Clay seven ships

  • Tips. You can quickly use the prompts in the game. But they will disappear when you are like a player for the most difficult level of the game.
  • Locations. On the island you will see marine landscapes. Come in different rooms and cabins on ships. And also look for items on the island. There you can also find valuable information.
  • Assistant. You will have a faithful friend who will help you during your investigation. You can trust him, but on other characters you should not rely.

Year: 2009
Publisher: Novij disk
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.58 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium III 1.13 GHz or similar Athlon
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • Video: 3D-VideoAdapter S MemoryYu 64 MB compatible with DirectX 9.0c (GeForce3 Ti200)
  • Space: 1.5 GB

Nancy Drew Clay seven ships Screenshots:

Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships screenshot Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships screenshot Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships screenshot Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships screenshot Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships screenshot Nancy Drew Treasure Seven Ships screenshot

1. Mount the image through Daemon Tools.
2. Install.
3. Play.

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