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NBA 2K15 The next part of the stunning series of computer games, embodied in the genre of the basketball simulator with the elements of the team manager in the framework of the National Basketball Association (or the well-known NBA). It is worth noting that the development of this product was answered, as worked above the past parts, Visual Concepts Studio Studios. Therefore, if you wish to try out a new part, in fact, a new word in this series, then we recommend to get acquainted with the NBA 2K15 game, download the torrent of which you can easily and unnecessary problems using our services.

So, let's discuss the details of the game features, and highlight the fundamental parts in terms of graphics and gameplay.First, visualization. Developers tried perfectly over graphics in the game. To do this, a completely new engine has been implemented, which reproduces all the movement of characters, the surroundings of locations, as if you see the broadcast, and not play a virtual product. Dozens of animations of movements are completely redrawn, branded formations of famous basketball players, and in some cases even the facial animation is replaced. It is worth noting that the number of basketball players in the game also increased that it cannot but please the fans of the series. Therefore, if you wish to get acquainted with the advantages of the graphics of this game, to rate what the new part of the series looks like, then we recommend downloading NBA 2K15, through torrent for which you can and even you need to take advantage of our site. So, let's talk about the features of the gameplay, and what's new?Secondly, gameplay. The basis of the gameplay is the traditional mechanic game of basketball, and the championship scheme. But, there is a lot of significant differences. Now the control over the ball has become much better, and during the next "Finta", the chance of losing the ball is almost equal to zero. At the same time, the defenders will now have harder, as stop the stars of basketball is not so simple. It is worth noting that the artificial intelligence has become much smarter, and will not wait until you give to the lost goal, and take the initiative to your hands. Of course, there are many glitches and bugs in the game, but the developers actively correct them by issuing new patches. Therefore, if you want to test the game of a new basketball simulator from the company 2K Games, then we recommend NBA 2K15, download via torrent, for which you can use the possibilities of our game resource.

Features NBA 2K15

• Stunning visualization. The implementation of the new engine in the virtual world of the game makes itself felt: the characters got more smooth movements, and their jumps, the casts in the basket began to resemble what is happening in real life. And this in the game beats so good that it seems as if you watch broadcast.• Changed animation. Animated characters in the game were also adjusted. And some basketball players were completely changed to a new way. Facial animation.• Improved ball control. Physics game was also a bit changed. Now, conducting the branded receptions of NBA players, the ball is almost impossible. The same applies to the "5 star" kidkov in the basket. True, defenders will now have much more difficult.• Tactic. For tactical thinking in the game it became much more space. Now you can independently indicate your "comrades" on the team, which opponent needs to be closed, and where it is necessary to provide space for the lightning transmission.• Smart Artificial Intelligence. Now the opponent's mind has become more calculating, and cunning. Virtual rival players are also prompt, and can easily beat inexperienced gamer.

Year: 2014
Developer: Visual Concepts
Crack: Include
Download Size: 37.34 GB

OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo or Better (SSE3 OR LATER)
Memory: 2 or more GB RAM
Video: DirectX 10.1 compatible (512 MB) or Better
Sound: 9.0c compatible
Space: 50GB

NBA 2K15 Screenshots:

Nba 2k15 screenshot Nba 2k15 screenshot Nba 2k15 screenshot Nba 2k15 screenshot Nba 2k15 screenshot Nba 2k15 screenshot

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2. Copy the contents of the folder / crack in the game directory.
3. Play game.

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