Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game Download PC Game Free

Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game

In the game Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game you are one of the best Space Special Force Fighters. Warrior and defender of mankind. Go to the heroic and dangerous adventure among stars. Explore the planets, protect the colonies and get acquainted with our unknown galaxy in the farthest corners! Explore the planets, visit new measurements, survive in cruel alien nature. First, explore different planets, explore valuable resources and complement your knowledge.

Without it to survive in relatively harsh conditions will not work. Therefore, always try to have strong weapons and protective qualities in our arsenal. Act strategically, think over every step so as not to make mistakes and do not create problems. The main goal and mission - save humanity from full destruction, which is not so simple, because you have to fight with many opponents and their cunning bosses. During the adventure you travel by different star systems and learn a lot about the Galaxy. You will visit different parts of the Galaxy, meet new planets, meet aliens and representatives of races, miss war and conquest, fight and survive and much more. Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game Download Torrent on PC You can free now.

Fast, stubborn and cheerful fight. Fight with many different opponents, defeat invincible bosses and fight only the longest weapon, which can only be found. You are waiting for the beauty of the universe. Beautiful and deep music, magnificent views of space, secrets of alien world and romance of space travel. Your decision and consequences. Dialogues from films and scenes from movies. History inspired by Bestseller James Corey "Cosmos". The player has an elite soldier from a special division of the army of mankind. He was delivered an incredibly difficult task - to confront the forces of alien races in the most remote areas of space in order to reduce battle power and, as a result, the complete absolute victory of the people in a long conflict. The player visits the previously unknown planets to explore enemy units and react to them immediately. Nature is also dangerous everywhere and can lure you into death traps. It is worth noting how a stunning atmosphere in a large-scale project. Beautiful landscapes, music to highlight events, video revealing videos. Continuing, you need to make a choice. It is not easy, especially when fate is such that she plays a role. The cosmic adventure has a special romance and charm to which people always sought.

Year: 2021
Developer: Team Rez
Publisher: Valkyrie Initiative
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 9.82 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
  • CPU: NTEL® Core ™ i5 3.0 ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: 2048 MB, OpenGL 3.0
  • Space: 16 GB

Orange Cast SCI-Fi Space Action Game Screenshots:

Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game screenshot Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game screenshot Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game screenshot Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game screenshot Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game screenshot Orange Cast Sci-Fi Space Action Game screenshot

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