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Many simulators have nothing to do with common sense, well, of course, the simulator that the conversation will also have nothing to do with the fact that we are accustomed to call common sense, since there is the most incomprehensible and unlaptic situation about which we are now Tell you. The game called People Playground and this is a big madness simulator ... People Playground - a madness simulator in which you can do everything to distract you from problems.

In this simulator you can kill, waitles and revive anyone and ever. If someone did you badly, you can pull out in this game in full. In general, in this game do anything. If you like these games that have madness genre, then we offer you People Playground download torrent on our site absolutely free.

In general, games with such behavior do not need a view, as they themselves represent something incomprehensible for the greatest understanding of our words, you should download the game, install to your computer and just sit down and play it. You yourself understand everything ..

Shoot, apply shock, burn, poison, rotate, evaporate or crush rag dolls. This game for people who love to scatter rag dolls, but they want them to be more detailed, satisfying and felt free at the same time. Because we advise you to download piple playigound latest version. At the same time, the place for the game is almost unlimited because you can reduce the game space and more elements can be placed on the screen, respectively. Here a bunch of objects to arrange real madness. Here and cars, and a weapon and a car and a lot more. At the same time, for each object, their properties are prescribed, describing its interaction with the outside world. There are many sharp items that you can hit a person. For example, this is a sword or spear. Download piple playigound latest version available to all.

Some items in the game conduct electricity. Some worse, and some better. But the best electricity conductor of course people. Other things are perfectly burning, for example, wood, plastic or people. You can set fire to them and watch what happens with this. As stated earlier, there is a weapon in the game from which you can shoot. People Playground download torner on 32 bit you can also here. Explosives are still present, which differ in the degree of explosion and according to the features of energy release. Also in the game you can create your facilities. The developer suggests that you will build a car of death, but this is already your choice.

Year: 2019
Developer: Mestiez
Publisher: Mestiez
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.199 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Space: 250 MB

People Playground Screenshots:

People Playground screenshot People Playground screenshot People Playground screenshot People Playground screenshot People Playground screenshot People Playground screenshot

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