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Life from modern gamedizers engaged in creating new shooters is difficult. Achieve something new in this genre, at least in the little things very difficult. However, the specialists from the first row of the studio "Dream Execution" was quite successful. Their fresh (this year of release) Development of an online client shooter called "Phantomers", download torrent to which millions of users have instantly placed, managed to adequately demonstrate that new items are always available.

High ratings she received in most custom ratings and among experts. Without going into many details (and then it will not be interesting to play) Let's try in the most common features to describe the gamers that they expect them after installing toys. Let's start that naturally, with the plot.

Plot game

As such, consistent and meaningful plot in the game is not noticed. All its content is a chain of more or less fierce and large-scale battles on extensive maps of various regions of the planet - you will have to shoot and in wet, always hunted jungle basin of the Great Amazon, and among the global walls of the filled Middle Eastern cities. You should destroy as many enemies as possible, avoid traps, neutralize bombs and mines, and so on.

Gameplay games

Those who decided to download "Phantomers" Through torrent you need to know that the gameplay itself has a minimum of differences from the overwhelming majority of popular representatives of the "shooter" genre. The player can choose a character of one of the 6 available classes with its own unique set of features and skills. Singles in spirit can play on their own, but there is an opportunity to become a member of one of the powerful clans. Successes in the fights, naturally, improve the situation in the standings and bring closer to victory. They also bring a lot of money that can be used to replenish or improve their weapon Arsenal. Toy characters are not nonsense, these are quite individual personalities. Among them are a professional sniper, a skilled engineer, an experienced soldier and even a born leader of the combat group. But how to apply their fighting skills - entirely depends on the player. Arsenal Fighters is rich enough - in addition to numerous types of shooters there are combat drones, mines and a lot of other, useful in the destruction of enemies.

Game modes

In total, there are 6:

  • Command Fight;
  • fight for destruction ("deathmatch");
  • undermines;
  • achieve excellence;
  • shootout;
  • survival.

If in the team fighting it is necessary to simply score points to a certain level, then in a shootout you need to win, applying certain types of weapons. In the game, the "fog of war" acts in the game, including the limitations of your knowledge about the possibilities of fightering fighters.

Features Phantomers

Management for such a large-scale toy is surprisingly simple, is mastered instantly. Also, in addition to very high-quality graphics with a very good soundtrack, the game is happy and unique for today the upgrade system of its weapon Arsenal. Impressive and practically fully corresponding to the realities of the world physics of all game processes, including ballistics when shooting, as well as obtaining injuries and injuries from explosions.

Well, now, dear users, when you met the features to download the game "Phantomers", through the torrent you can already quite consciously. You can guarantee that you will not regret it

Year: 2016
Developer: Dream Execution
Publisher: GameNet
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 3.53 GB

  • OS: Win XP / Vista / 7/8 (32 or 64 bits);
  • CPU: AMD / Intel 2.2 GHz and above;
  • Memory: 1 GB and higher;
  • Video: GeForce 9800GT / RADEON HD 3850 and above;
  • DirectX: 9.0c

Phantomers Screenshots:

Phantomers screenshot Phantomers screenshot Phantomers screenshot Phantomers screenshot Phantomers screenshot Phantomers screenshot

  1. Run installer
  2. Install
  3. Create an account
  4. Run a shortcut on the desktop
  5. Select the folder where the game is installed (for example, C / Games / Phantomers) - after checking the files you can start the game. Download the game is not needed!

If when you start, you will propose to select a "manual installation" - you can select this option with Synchronize game files through the Gamenet launcher


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