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Postal Brain Damaged

Postal: Brain Damaged is spin-off that takes the most outrageous FPS series of all times from retro shooters. The dude will destroy! Dude - a crazy hero, who once found himself in a shelter. There is a lot of strange freaks, and then a bad nurse that gives strange drugs. After such treatment, all - and sanitary pasixis, and patients turn into crazy maniacs, which they try to destroy other people with the help of insane methods and for the sake of obtaining blood rivers.

The dude decides to get out of a psychiatric hospital, but notes that the outside world is also not particularly safe and literally every crazy. The main character can no longer be trusted not to his own eyes, no mind, so the only thing that the guy relies - this is violence with which any problems are solved. The guy without analyzing destroys anyone who is found, even trying to understand what is happening around, and is there any opponents among the oncoming people or not - the dude acts alive. Postal Brain Damaged download torrent .

One too many hits on the head. One thing too much in the pipe. One too many shootouts ending in the slaughter. And there we go - brain damage. This is the only explanation of what is happening with the postal dude. Suddenly it is in the shelter, full of freak. Large bad nurse spread some really funky drugs, turning patients and snacks in people, bloody maniacs. This is some kind of crazy nightmare, or this is a twisted reality? The game is not too complicated - the agility and accuracy are important here, and the best way to stay alive is to continue. Knowledge of the attack methods of certain types of enemies (including zombies and aliens) also plays a key role. From time to time we also need to deal with a powerful boss. In addition to the battles, we also overcome various obstacles (for example, ABYSS) - mostly jumping.

Become a dude and shoot your rapid garbage socket. It is a pity that the world went out like a crazy. You can't trust your opinion, you can't trust your eyes, but there is one stability lighthouse on which you can always rely. Old old violence. Instead of a typical sandbox for a series of the Open World Now in Postal: The brain is damaged, you will find a classic corridor, with small places crowded monsters. He will not be able to stop and sit for some time. There will have to constantly work all the time and without stopping, twist everyone who will be on your way, collect weapons and ammunition. Create such a thing that cannot be described in words and survives. But first need Postal Brain Damaged to download torrent Xattab Here you can.

Postal address: The brain is damaged - this is a delay that takes the most outrageous FPS series of all times on skills, skills, retro-arrow. Take care of the sandbox of the Open World. Prepare for an old school based on the FPS and CLOEN CLASSMATE scene! The hero has severe brain damage, so the world around the world is filled with grotesque and strange monsters, which need to be destroyed as soon as possible. The local nurse feeds patients with terrible medicines that turn them into sanitation with patients with fantasy and bloodthirsty killers. The hero does not fully understand that in front of him - distorted reality or nightmare? But he knows that if not selected from this place, will forever remain among the maniacs and murderers. Exit a psychiatric hospital, the dude must pass all the steps of growing madness. It is a pity that the whole world is crazy. True, there is one stability signal that will support the dude along the passage - it is cruel violence.

Features Postal Brain Damaged

Classic, High Gameplay FPS with Movement Liquid Signature Oil, Dark Humor, Satire and Large Nasiliasmashned Weapons, Bonuses and Details Based on Old-Queen Labor Campaigning Rates!Holes on the site!More glorification of violence

Year: 2021
Developer: HyperStrange CreativeForge Games
Publisher: Running With Scissors HyperStrange
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.911 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Space: 4 GB

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