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Predator Hunting Grounds Repack

The Predator Hunting Grounds game is designed in the shooter genre and all actions occur in at all different areas of the planet. In the game, the predator is trying to catch not only complicated, but also dangerous mining. The player will become one of the team members and will participate in a major operation. It is only worth hoping that it will complete successfully until the predator starts to attack.

To start playing enough predator hunting grounds download torrent on pc. However, you can play not only for the military, but also a predator. To hunt a sacrifice worth using a bunch of technologies at the same time to change them on a fairly worthy goal. At the time of how mining will be caught, the player will be able to leave a trophy, as well as after boasting a collection in front of other players. It is worth understanding that the mission of the predator is exclusively alone, which is to protect the jungle from the warrior. It is worth choosing the strongest warriors, arrange their goals and go hunting. Also tokens of victims will be displayed in the form of trophies. Players will be able to enjoy the excellent gameplay, as well as graphics, since the creators of this game project perfectly tried.

The main weapon of the hunter is its camouflage, because it is fully fascinated by the body, while the warrior is invisible. He also reflects the light from the environment. At the same time leaves it at all imperceptible until the time has been hitting. Powerful predator weapon is a plasma gun that can kill the attacker immediately with plasma shells. Shells penetrate the opponent's armor, so he just does not have a chance. It is worth noting that for the melee you can use the blades that it is possible to push into your hand. They are convenient to use at that moment when the predator was imperceptible to get to the victim. The most miniature weapon is smart or smart drive. It is worth noting that he was called smart, because when he was thrown, he could capture several goals at once, because equipped with a special system. There is also a long-range weapon, which is quite easy, and most importantly compact. In the game there are several classes of predators at the same time they can be configured, as the soul wishes. If the player decided to be a fighter of the army, then it is best to choose an elite genus. For a soldier who will manage a player available a huge number of options, as well as it can use them to determine the style of a soldier.

Year: 2020
Developer: Illfonic
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Crack: Include
Download Size: 31.62 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 / AMD FX-8320
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GTX 960 / AMD R9 280X
  • Space: 18 GB

Predator Hunting Grounds Repack Screenshots:

Predator Hunting Grounds Repack screenshot Predator Hunting Grounds Repack screenshot Predator Hunting Grounds Repack screenshot Predator Hunting Grounds Repack screenshot Predator Hunting Grounds Repack screenshot Predator Hunting Grounds Repack screenshot

Activation Epic Store Fix: (once)
Run the Epic Games Store, go to your profile, add Hello Neighbor Mod Kit (it is under it that the game is encrypted) to your library (do not download it), close the entire Epic Games Store.

Then always run the game through Launcher.EXE, then automatically starts the Epic Games Store and the game.

* To play with random players choose - a fast game (only on the actual version of the game), choose who to play and wait for the match with the connection of the players, playing.

* If the version of the game is outdated, you can only play with friends.
Without creating a group we go to a private match, choose who we will play and map, invite friends (which should be displayed on the network of this game), wait for the connection and readiness of the players, playing.

* You can also play one against bots, for this we go to a private match, choose who we will play (a detachment or predator) and a map, confirm readiness, playing.
Note In the battle battle mode is not provided.

The rest of the information can be found in the F folder.A.Q.

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