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Pubg Mobile (PUBG Mobile on PC) - Mobile version of the famous royal battle PUBG. Now it has become available on PC. You are waiting for everything yourself as in the original Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, but with a slight upgraded control. The main plus in this game is that the game is multiplayer and playing you can with players from around the world. You can even create a server yourself and invite your friends there.

Like the usual Pubg Mobile game on a computer has a lot of fans, because rivals for you there is very much. Despite the fact that it is a mobile PUBG, graphics and visual effects here, neither inferior to the original version. And given the fact that you will play on your PC or laptop, then the visual and musical part will be even better. It is worth noting the fact that Pubg Mobile on the PC is distributed free of charge in the initially, unlike his older fellow. Because you can download the licensed version for the PC directly and do not come up with any details.

In the game Pubg Mobile you have to go to the island, where in addition to you there will be as many as 100 fighters, which, as you wish to win. And you can only win here in one way - stay alive. In other words, only one player should remain alive in this game. What's from the island will not succeed. At the beginning of the game you are brought there by plane and drop directly from the air with parachute. As soon as you touch the earth with legs, the game starts for you. At first you need to look around and understand where you are, because every time you land in different points of the island. In order to understand where you are here you can open a map, which by the way is quite detailed, and you will immediately become clear. Next, you have to choose weapons and equipment, because in battle without it. Diverse weapons and equipment equipment here are a lot and it can not but rejoice. All weapons are scattered around the map, but it can also be mined from the killed enemy. In the game a huge open world and you can really get lost in it. In order for the players for too long for too long on the map in search of the enemy and each match was not delayed for hours, the developers came up with such a chip as a narrowing of the combat z1. This means that after a certain time, the border of the card decreases from the edges and all players need to have time to escape into the game z1. If they don't do it, they die. Thus, the game brings closers to the players so that they could find each other faster and began to beat for the championship. This helps when players on the map are alive 2 or 3. You can't wait to play? Then we invite you Pubg Mobile download torrent to the PC on the link below.

Developers tried to make the game as much as possible close to reality. You will find a large selection of weapons for both attacks and protection, ammunition, equipment, as well as transport. Map in Pubg Mobile on PC is so great that it is more convenient to move on it in transport. But you can also argue. The game has the following transportation: buggy, motorcycles with a stroller and without, car in the body sedan, UAZ with an open roof and with a soft roof, pickup, van, boat, hydraulic. It remains to say only what you can play both one against all and in the team against another opponent team.

Year: 2018
Developer: Tencent Games
Publisher: Tencent Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.08 GB

  • Windows 7 / 8/10
  • CPU: Intel-Dual / Core or AMD / 1.8Ghz.
  • Video: Nvidia-geforce.8600 / 9600GT.
  • ATI-AMD Radeon HD2600-3600 is also perfect.
  • Memory RAM: from 3 gig.
  • Memory SDD: from 1 gig.

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Pubg Mobile screenshot Pubg Mobile screenshot Pubg Mobile screenshot Pubg Mobile screenshot Pubg Mobile screenshot Pubg Mobile screenshot

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Open world, Action, Shooters, 2018

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