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Punch Club

If you once left an indifferent famous film "Fight Club", then a Punch Club will be hooked up and download torrent which we strongly recommend. This is a simulator of the life and activities of a street fighter, as well as at the same time management of like-minded club, with an interesting story idea and not deprived of a special charm.


Your hero in childhood received a serious psychological trauma - in his eyes brutally killed their native father, and then separated with his brother.

Standing over the body of his dying father, he swore that when he grows, for nothing and no one would be offended, he could stand for himself, would find murderers and reven. And now he is an adult, a healthy man who has pleaded his way to the top of the Fight Olympus, with great hard work, perseverance and physical labor. And, it means, it has come time to implement their plans and dreams and fulfill the once this promise. Of course, if he achieved such heights and recognition, he should not relax at the same time, especially since the situation is that it is necessary to constantly act, constantly move forward. Question: In what direction? But this is already solving purely to you and your hero.


If you want to download Punch Club through torrent, you will not have some specific action scenario. Everything here depends only on you and your choice. You are free to choose any path and follow him, and, accordingly, the consequences and further events will be completely different. Every your act predetermines the future and ending the game. You can become a bad guy or go along the path of justice. Choose for yourself straight style tiger or more long, bypass, but no less effective turtle style. And you can mix everything and see what happens. In any case, you have to fight a lot, and often not in the ring, engage in keeping your physical form of permanent workouts, well eat, spend time with your beloved girl, work, in general, live almost normal life. And simultaneously look for the killer of the Father. You can lead and not such a right way of life. Instead of a campaign to the gym, you can prefer a golyak with friends at the bar, instead of eating a nutritious and useful meat steak, you can order a pizza to the house and to felt it by it. Only with any of its choice remember that each of your decision leads to certain consequences and leads you on another way.

Interesting Facts

The game is made in a cool nostalgic pixel graph, which refers us to distant 80-90s of the last century. Nostalgia still contributes to the appearance of some characters in the game, familiar to us on the films of that time and easily recognizable. So swing the game and enjoy, plunge into carefree youth.

Features Punch Club

  • Full freedom of choice. This is what we have already spoken. There are no restrictions, only those that you yourself set. Make a choice and watch its results.
  • Interesting plot story with multiple branched lines. You can find out what happened with the main character and some other characters.
  • The development of the hero. You can very deeply immerse yourself in the skills of the skills of your hero, developing and improving it almost to infinity.
  • Live a normal life. The range of your interests is not only in the Fight Club. You have a girl, friends, leisure, work. All these parties of life are also worth paying enough attention.
  • Many Drak. You have to join fighting literally everywhere. If you like it, then you need right now download the game Punch Club through torrent.

Year: 2016
Developer: Lazy Bear Games
Publisher: TinyBuild
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.128 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 1 Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Space: 500 MB

Punch Club Screenshots:

Punch Club screenshot Punch Club screenshot Punch Club screenshot Punch Club screenshot Punch Club screenshot Punch Club screenshot

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