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Quake 1

Fans of Oldskaya Hardcore Games are devoted to such an unusual retro project. This is an unusual shooter in which you have already managed to play a lot of users online. What is attractive to this initial version of the game - it is its dynamics and a huge number of shootouts between warriors and monsters. The main task of the game is to destroy as many monsters as possible and get the desired result for this - gaming bonuses.

In the game Quake 1, download torrent you can free from our play portal, you will see a huge number of alien monsters and monsters.

Story line

Thanks to the multiplayer mode, you can even more appreciate the process of this exciting vintage game. Your task is to wander in all sorts of labyrinths and exterminate all sorts of monsters there. Although very insidious representatives of the earth civilization appear among the monsters. As always, you will have support - this is a variety of weapons that you can use during the game. Very fascinating game where you need to wander through the dungeons, collect items, shoot and just break up a huge number of monsters into pieces. Retro games are always interesting to users.

Mechanics game Kveik 1

You are awakened by your commander who gave you an order to destroy hostile nations of the aliens. Now you should use teleports to drive an enemy retaliatory strike. In the game you will constantly pass through various teleports to surprise the enemy. Download Quake 1 Through torrent you can free on our game portal. In this game you will be able to visit different dimensions to destroy all monsters and monsters. Very bright process. A lot of shooting, although the graphics for the old game school are primitive, but the game the game simply absorbs the user.

Novelty game

You must fulfill the order - put a retaliatory blow to the enemy. Just take the weapons and shoot any objects and objects - what if you can destroy the whole horde of the enemies. Excellent game Kveik 1 vintage genre. Install and use!

Features Quake 1

  • Weapon - well, how about him not to mention. Here you can get a shotgun, blaster, pistols, automatic machines, any weapon that you want. Only here are the cartridges are limited in the game.
  • Foy system. So let's say there is no system here - just climb and destroy everything in your way - this is different, this retro game.

Year: 1996
Developer: ID Software
Publisher: Activision
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.015 GB

Pentium, 16 MB RAM, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 95 / NT or Newer.

Quake 1 Screenshots:

Quake 1 screenshot Quake 1 screenshot Quake 1 screenshot Quake 1 screenshot

Action, Shooters, First-person Shooters

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