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Race Driver Grid

Race Driver Grid belongs to the category of projects that are very often caused by fierce battles on various forums. For an incomprehensible reason, the majority for some reason threaten to see the simulator in it, but, to be honest, give the correct answer much easier than even in the case of DIRT. And all because there is no pit stops, any technical breakdowns and settings of cars whose characteristics are simply described by circles in the Speed ​​/ Acceleration / Grip / Brakes columges, and the most popular 24-hour race in Le Mans is reduced by 10 with a little minute.

But on the other hand, to the level of complete arcade, the game does not fall due to the fact that there are familiar driving helpers. If you want to evaluate her, we recommend you Race Driver Grid download torrent for free on our game storage.


The most important and main advantages of the draft provided can be attributed graphics and realism. After all, even taking into account the various technologies of the time, the game developers managed to make so realistic that even most of the developers of modern projects may even envy this parameter. The Race Driver Grid is waiting for you excellent detailing, high realistic, which makes it confuse the virtual world with real, as well as carefully developed physics, car behavior on the highway and. Thanks to all this, blood in your veins is fastened, and the first meters of the race, the tracks, with a detailed environment. In fact, all this is not yet a complete list of advantages, because of which the Race Driver Grid need to download torrent for free on our wonderful site to each lover of this genre.

Game process

In order for the game to become even more interesting, here you can choose any brand of car. Special for you are presented domestic brands of cars, as well as expensive foreign cars, the value of which is a fabulous money, and retro cars. Selection only for you. To be honest, then you will undoubtedly like what the creators prepared for you. In the Race Driver Grid, you can experience all your strength on deserted tracks, or even in the territory of densely populated megacities, in a single race or competing with real professionals in this matter. And for the most experienced here, the competition is provided for very difficult tracks, but the winner can get a very worthy prize and the title of the best rider. In addition, you can drive off off-road. Having trained on such roads, you can accurately become a real professional. Only you choose - rally in deserts or in various countries and cities.

Undoubtedly, various kinds of simplification are not always useful. "Career" reminds the same DIRT and is composed of it from the championships in different parts of the world, too short. Mostly all the contests are rude up to two or four stages of several circles each, so lovers build tournament strategies to disperse now: the first places are keys to success. The most important value here is the reputation that we earn at the same time with money. In truth, dollars are needed only to acquire new machines, navigating in the vehicle is not provided, without considering the coloring of the body.

Features of Race Driver Grid


  • Developers have prepared for you a schedule of a new generation and realistic physics.
  • You are waiting for more than 40 cars and up to 50 tracks that are recreated by real prototypes.
  • Thanks to the Flashbeck function you can replay completely any time passing the track.
  • You are waiting for incredible networking capabilities.

Year: 2008
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Novij disk
Crack: Included (Reloaded)
Download Size: 2.92 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Pentium® 4 3 GHz or similar Athlon-64
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or Radeon X1300
  • Sound: Compatible S
    DirectX 9.0c
  • Free scene on the hard disk: 12.5 GB

Race Driver Grid Screenshots:

Race Driver Grid screenshot Race Driver Grid screenshot Race Driver Grid screenshot Race Driver Grid screenshot Race Driver Grid screenshot Race Driver Grid screenshot

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