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You are fans of simulators with incredibly realistic graphics? Then the Creation of the Konsordo Studio is undoubtedly for you. Developers independently published a project with an exciting and memorable plot. Rake download torrent for free on our website, is not quite ordinary horror, which will necessarily have to taste lovers of mysterious, mystical and, of course, supernatural. Already in the first year of young children scare a terrible creature named Rake.

But who he? Where is he from? And if he exists? It is for these questions that you need to answer, playing the scientist of the Gordon Devisian researcher. You yourself have to decide whether you will catch him alive, for further research, or just kill. Undoubtedly, you will have to spend a lot of strength to catch it, because the creature is not stupid at all, and besides dangerous.


The main character in the game is Gordon Devis - a scientist who studies Chupacabru, Yeti and many other creatures seen in the North American states. This time you have to explore the creature of Rake. To do this, you need to go in the deaf, dark forests, places where it was often seen. Building, you need to install cameras and various traps throughout the perimeter. To hunt it you will have firearms, but it is best to start hunting in the afternoon, because at night it will be extremely difficult to survive. When night occurs, it is best to hide in your van and follow the perimeter using the cameras you installed. But do not forget that if you all night will hide in a van, then Rake sooner or later will attack you and kill. The whole game is accompanied by mysterious sounds that confirm an extraneous presence. In addition, monsters will try to spoil your technique and interfere with finding their lair. You are ready to stay one on one with a frightening and pumping atmosphere with a stimulant? If so, we recommend you download the game Rake torrent completely free on our game resource.


Well, let's start with graphics. To be honest, the performance of the location will pleasantly surprise you. Here you will find a three-dimensional forest, where research is being conducted, the main character, which surrounds wild animals and secrets. The developers also worked on the qualitative structure of the polygon, animation and over realistic repetitive animal habits. In addition, they have provided a system of weather conditions and time of day. At night your chance to meet a dangerous animal increases, but during the rain, visibility will noticeably deteriorate, and the chances of a collision will increase significantly. From this we can conclude that on a sunny day and in good weather, chances to meet something hostile are zero.Due to the widescreen permissions, drawing textures and their study are possible to the smallest details, on all locations sites. The gameplay of the game is not significantly different from other simulators. The game Rake takes into account the feature of weapons from which shots occur, and the possible behavior of animals. For example, a large beast, it can easily run right on you. However, from other simulators of this kind, this game is distinguished by the fact that you are not a hunter, but a researcher.

Features Rake

  • In your arsenal there will be chambers for tracking, which need to be correctly thought out to place in the woods, hunting rifle and infirm materials for creating traps.
  • No need to sit in the van all the time, since any oddity testifies to the appearance of a monster. If you yourself do not leave him, he can visit you, just not at all with a friendly visit.
  • In the afternoon, you need to prepare, and at night to follow and hunt, because Rake night creature, that is why connect the chambers of tracking and watch what is happening, sitting in a van with a gun.
  • Any negligence will entail the death of the main character. Be careful, and think over everything to the smallest events.

Year: 2015
Developer: Konsordo
Publisher: Konsordo
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.480 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 or Higher
  • CPU: 3.2GHz Quad-Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Versions 11
  • Space: 2 GB

Rake Screenshots:

Rake screenshot Rake screenshot Rake screenshot Rake screenshot Rake screenshot Rake screenshot

Install And Play.

1) Run any LAN emulator, find a room with players. (You can also go directly by entering the ip friend)
2) Run the game through \ rake (Multiplayer).EXE.

How to create a server:
Start Server => We write the name server => We throw friends or familiar IP server and expect when you connect.

How to connect to the game:
Connect => Write an IP address and a host port => We enter.

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