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Red Dead Redemption

Deserts, American Prairies, Wild West and Bandits - It's all you can see in a new adventure shooter who developed the needlels of one popular studio. Scene line of the game is viewed. In this game, you will become a lonely wanderer who does not perform various orders in their will. Kill, shoot, search artifacts - all you have to do in this game project. Download Red Dead Redemption Through torrent on a PC you can absolutely free from our game site.


Your main character is the former gangster who wants to tie with the criminal past. You will keep a measured life, but when your family began to threaten, you will again take the weapon and you will establish your laws in American cities. You like a player will look for new adventures, deal with other bandits. You will become a real cowboy that will establish justice. You will be constantly threatened, you will seek refuge. Not only other gangsters will hunt. In American prairies, insidious animals are also not averse to boiling. So wait for a huge number of game missions. Indians are also unfriendly, they are also not averse to kill your main character. Because the Red Dead Redemption 1 download torrent on the PC.

RDR gameplay

In this game you will use a varied transport, including airships and trains. You can rob the train, receiving additional resources for the development of your hero. Can be downloaded on a fringe on the prairies, fighting off from enemies. That is, the mass of adventure is waiting for your character. But only about weapons need to take care. In the Red Dead Redemption game, download torrent to the PC of which is possible in free mode from our site, you will need to use not only colts and revolvers, you will need to get at your disposal automatic. And again, for this you need to dial gaming bonuses. In the game perfectly visible graphics. A sharp change of weather conditions, sand storms - it will all interfere with the mission. But you are a fearless hero who wants to save his native family. Look for additional hidden locations to find a lot of useful items there.

Interesting facts of RDD 1

Permanent shootings with gangsters look very impressive. But just do not forget that in addition to the gangsters in the game there are still many cunning predatory animals that can suddenly pounce on your character..

Features Red Dead Redemption

  • A variety of fauna representatives. In the game you will come across different animals that will rapidly attack you. Try not to come across the eyes of insidious coyotees. They do not mind to enjoy your character. Even because of this, it is already worth RDR 1 download torrent on PC.
  • Wild West. You will see unusual desert locations in the game where you can collect a lot of valuable and useful things. Weapons, Hero Equipment - It is necessary to pump everything in the course of the game. But locations in the game are really impressive. Real American Prairies are viewed.
  • Traveling around cities. In the process of the game you can visit various settlements. Look at the local pubs, find out a lot of new information, use a map that will help you find the main and cunning boss.
  • Observe laws. You, as a player, should legally kill enemies. You are no longer a gangster for the top, but still the criminal past will force you in certain cases to act outside the law. But the order to maintain in the cities you are obliged.
  • Music design. The whole process of the game is accompanied by original soundtracks. Therefore, your adventure will be very bright and unique.
  • Weapons and ammunition. First use pistols, and then you can buy a real automatic for your hero, and the machine gun can be received.

Year: 2010
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 6.8 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 @ 2.2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: GeForce 8800 GT
  • Free Space: 11 GB

Red Dead Redemption Screenshots:

1. Download R_D_R folder at any convenient place, run Xenia.EXE.
2. File - Open - Choose Default.XEX from the Game folder.
3. You can also use X360CE to adjust the gamepad.

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