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Wonderful and no longer new, but rather popular space action will tell us the story of one hero, which will subsequently head the real rebellion on the red planet. What will bring your protagonist to raise an uprising? The resources of our planet are practically exhausted, so in search of earnings people go to Mars to get resources there. So your hero hoped for a bright future. But this is not so. On the planet in space it is waiting for a complete disappointment.

And now he will have to take up the weapon to defeat the slave owners and not only.


Arriving on the planet, your hero and think, could not, that he would become a real slave and will be sent to Mars to Mount Mine to extract valuable minerals. It was simply used as other characters who hoped to earn. It's really hellish work, and now nothing remains to do how to raise the rebellion. In the game for your protagonist, which will be the leader of the colony of miners and mines, weapons of mass destruction and a variety of mining transport will be available. And it can be used during the game. But the miners struck the plague, and now it also has mutants to fight in this game.


If you suddenly surround you the crowd of enemies, you do not need to despair.. You can always break through for yourself and other characters tunnel and wait there for some time until your enemies are calm. Now in the game you can use a variety of weapons to fight with slave owners. But do not forget about the rocks that will be valuable artifacts for you in the game Red Faction, download torrent which you can always, visiting our free game server. Most of the time you will spend in mountain mines.


To successfully complete the tasks on Mars you will need to combine efforts with other miners, and together you can destroy cunning villains, which by deception lured you to the unexplored planet. Very dynamic game with permanent shootings!

Features Red Faction

  • Weapon. Pistols, automata and even armored vehicles will be available for your main protagonist. So use all available weapons to combat your opponents.
  • Technique. Use not only mining transport, but you can still select the opponent's armored personnel carriers.
  • Graphics. For the game of that time graphic parameters are impressive. You can even use sights.

Year: 2001
Developer: Alpha Game
Publisher: BUKA
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.25 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 400 MHz
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • Video: 8 MB
  • HDD: 900 MB
  • Version DirectX: 8.0

Red Faction Screenshots:

Red Faction screenshot Red Faction screenshot Red Faction screenshot Red Faction screenshot Red Faction screenshot Red Faction screenshot

Install And Play.

If there are problems with the game, then run in compatibility mode with a later version of Windows than you.

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