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Red Goddess: Inner World Red Goddess: Inner WORLD is an adventure saidskroller with action elements developed by Yanim Studio. In the game we have to explore the congregation of a young goddess to help her remember forgotten thoughts and restore lost forces. Red Goddess: Inner World Download torrent here is here to have the entire game, we will have three game characters, each with its unique abilities. More precisely, the game character is one, but she has two alter-ego, called "masks".

The plot will tell us about the young goddess Divine, which was attacked by his own subconscious. Something unknown, breaks it into parts from the inside, destroying her consciousness and soul. She takes a forced decision and enters his own subconscious mind, finding there a whole planet, which personifies everything that is in it. Surrounded by trees, mountains and caves, she decides to explore this world to find out how he is connected with her. And what is the most important thing to understand who she is. But soon, she will realize that in this world is much most of all, what she saw at the beginning. Download Red Goddess: Inner World Torrent can be found in our website in the glasses, they can be divided into several separate / Divine: the main game character, as well as the goddess, the same young, as well as the world, for which she watches. Her abilities include jump, double jump, communication with other characters and interaction with natural elements of the planet. But its main ability is the ability to move various items with the help of telekinease to open the way to new levels. Rage: The first mask Divine, consisting of rage and muscle. Able to defeat red opponents with the help of a breathtaking force. Fear: The second mask sofa, similar to frightened ghost. Weak, but fast, ideal for victory over blue enemies. Poor thoughts: The main opponents of Divine, found on her way as it explores the world. They change depending on which zone is Divine.Dark tunnels of the caves of the unknown world, hide in their shadows still many terrible creatures submitted to the dark thoughts of Divine. Step by step, they slowly destroy the "inner world" Divine, washing her memories and taking strength. Well, download Red Goddess: Inner World through torrent can be right here

Features Red Goddess: Inner World

* Colorful "inner" world of young goddess Divine. Explore it with her, defeating terrible enemies and solving the intersonic riddles. * Very interesting plot, reminding many fantasy stories with its structure, but in the original "cover". * Wonderful graphics, which is difficult to find in any of the platformers * a breathtaking soundtrack, accompanying a player throughout the game and not giving to bother. * The game is not too complicated, which allows you to play both beginners and experienced gamers. * System "pumping" character. Not all skills are available from the very beginning, which makes the gameplay even more interesting and causes a desire to strive for achieving not yet open abilities. * An interesting combat system, designed to quickly shift "masks" of the main character and using the unique abilities of each of her alter-ego. * Dynamic gameplay with increasing tempo. If at the beginning the game will be measured and even slow, then closer to the end the pace will increase significantly.

Year: 2015
Developer: Yanim Studio
Publisher: Yanim Studio
Crack: Included [Reloaded]
Download Size: 0.942 GB

& # 9632; OS: Windows 7
& # 9632; CPU: Intel i5 2x 2.6 GHz, OR AMD EQUIVALENT
& # 9632; Memory: 3 GB
& # 9632; Video: Nvidia gt 640, AMD Radeon HD 6870/7750
& # 9632; Sound: Compatible S DirectX 9.0c
& # 9632;
Space: 3 GB

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Red Goddess: Inner World screenshot Red Goddess: Inner World screenshot Red Goddess: Inner World screenshot Red Goddess: Inner World screenshot Red Goddess: Inner World screenshot Red Goddess: Inner World screenshot

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