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Resident Evil 2 1998

The second part of the fascinating adventure zombie game, which came out for a long time, but still uses demand among users, because the worked a little and such a version of the game. Now your two characters with whom you will interact must stop the zombie madness. You need to find a focus of the virus, which is simply devouring residents of a fictional city, turning them into bloodthirsty zombies and mutants.

They flooded the streets, so that your partners for the game will have to deal with them.


Rakun City, so called a city in which one large pharmaceutical organization works. As a result of failure experiments, a dangerous virus broke out, and now you and your partner must stop the invasion of zombies. People gradually turn into zombies. What is this dangerous virus? What experiments were conducted by scientists in the Corporation Laboratories. You will play for the representative of the rule of law and its partner - a conventional student. You will need to penetrate the organization and learn about the focus of the deadly virus. Each character has its own storyline. You will always need to look for ammunition, which in this version of the game are limited, which makes the game even more interesting for passing.


At the beginning of the game, when you infiltrate the organization, you need to immediately be alert and look for as many resources as possible and ammunition, and otherwise you will simply destroy the crowd of bloodthirsty monsters and monsters. In the game Resident Evil 2 1998, to download torrent which every user of our free game server can, you have to fight, but also to look for shelters, moreover, if the cartridges are running out, you just need to run. So that such a complex gameplay in such a game.

Difficult to all about the secret corporation and do not give the virus to spread throughout the fictional city, and not your heroes are waiting for depreciation. So there is over what to think in such an old version of the game.

Features Resident Evil 2 1998

  • Don't give a hero to die. The plot is built in such a way that you must constantly hide from enemies. Cartridges will be quickly spent, so death can become inevitable.
  • Graphics. For the game of those years, graphic parameters are a bit primitive, but still a lot of new locations you will see.
  • Heroes. Each character has its own characteristics that will need to carefully study along the game.

Year: 1998
Developer: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: Capcom
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.162 GB

  • Windows 95/98 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: AMD DURON 300 + / Intel Pentium 2 300 MHz

Resident Evil 2 1998 Screenshots:

Resident Evil 2 1998 screenshot Resident Evil 2 1998 screenshot Resident Evil 2 1998 screenshot Resident Evil 2 1998 screenshot Resident Evil 2 1998 screenshot Resident Evil 2 1998 screenshot

1. Run the file "setup.EXE "Install the game.
2. Run the game file "leonp.EXE ".
3. Since the game is not fresh - problems may arise with the launch.
If after the start of the game (a new game) After the roller, the game gives an error - you need to open the "ALT + TAB" keys to open the error tab - close it and open the game again.
5. Changing the screen resolution in the game is carried out by pressing the F7 and F8 / F9 keys - exit the game.

To play fine on Windwos 7 / 8/10 - use the "Fix Compatibility Problems" option.

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