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Rico London

Rico London is an explosive shooter with outgoing doors, interrogation and shooting in bad guys! Slowly on the top of the skyscraper, putting gangsters from the east alone or with a partner. Divide the gangster bullets and turn the weapons of enemies into your personal arsenal - do something, just to get to the top. At the very beginning you will be granted only 3 stores for weapons, but over time you will have the opportunity to supplement your equipment, another tool, from killed enemies.

Users break the doors, prescribe enemy weapons, shy from flying bullets and make everything to get to the roof of the tower. Rico London Download torrent on PCs can be linked below. London, 1999, Eve of the New Year. While everything prepares for countdown, the police of London and do not think about the holiday. Inspector of the Criminal Police Radfern turns out to be at the crime scene - on the basis of a certain skyscraper, illegal trade in the weapon is gaining momentum. Without demanding the permission of the elder and without reinforcement, Radfern is preparing to join a new milk under the cracks of the shots. Rico will talk about two fighters of the operational group with the same name. They always act quickly and easily - enter the room, neutralize suspects and exit. In fact, the situation is much more complicated, since the procedural generation of the level and tasks means that it is never known who are waiting inside.

Above floor - above rates. Raise everything higher on the skyscraper, passing gangsters that will become stronger with each floor. The higher the rise, the higher the speed will be! The game itself is not broken and does not offer anything more unusual. But at the same time, the game boasts an intense gameplay and an insane atmosphere. And what is even cooler, so this is what focused on tactics. Failed to just go ahead and shoot in all directions. We will have to adapt to the environment, think over all the steps, shoot as much as possible and think before doing something. Big caliber game. Three stores in a 9-mm pistol that you will be initially not enough to climb over the first floor. Change and improve your arsenal as needed on the way, paint enemies. But first of all hurry to download Rico London on the network for free.

Work has its advantages. Raise the right gear and improve the skills using improvements and advantages - it will help you to grow. Change as magic on New Year's Eve. The situation is slightly complicated by the fact that on each floor we meet all stronger enemies. However, as we progress, we also become stronger, we get special improvements and peppers; Our combat potential also increases at the expense of the Arsenal, which we find along the way (mainly taken by defeated enemies). Two copies better. What a police action film makes without a believer partner? Find a combat comrade locally or online. What can be more fun than installing the heat of the gangsters in the world in the world! How? Of course, the stear doors and watering spend bad guys shoulder to shoulder with a partner!

Features Rico London

  • Arcade gameplay
  • Reproduction in different modes: history (simple), classic (medium), hardcore (complex) or daily game.
  • Persistent plot and excuses to be history
  • Joint shooter, locally or online
  • Play with different enemies and collect new weapons, expanding your arsenal
  • Floating for civilians and take a safe place
  • Many weapons, improvements and tasks that can be detected
  • Motigals with fixed voltage and every minute calls
  • Your task is to break through the top of the skyscraper.
  • Enjoy chaos and destruction in slow motion
  • Graphic Roman Style With Hand Rica

Year: 2021
Developer: Ground Shatter
Publisher: Numskull Games
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 3.89 GB

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Quad Core (2.4 GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA 970 / AMD RADEON 290
  • Space: 3 GB

Rico London Screenshots:

Rico London screenshot Rico London screenshot Rico London screenshot Rico London screenshot Rico London screenshot Rico London screenshot

1. Mount the image using Daemon Tools or another program
2. Install the game (put a checkbox "Copy Contents of Codex Directory to InstalDir" or copy the contents of the Codex folder to the game folder, replace)
3. Play

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