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Ridge Racer Unbounded Today we will consider the game that is designed primarily for men, and all because it is made in the style of racing. Well, we will talk about the game called Ridge Racer Unbounded. This game is made in the classic racing series, and for the first time since 2003, a multiplatform release has appeared in it. The game is generally pretty good, and this all becomes known after you learn that the developers of this game, and the studio itself, and developed all of us well-known and interesting FlatOut.

Therefore, we need to be prepared for the fact that the game will be quite interesting and unpredictable, and it is during our consideration that we will try to learn and consider in detail all those interesting and unique moments, thanks to which the game will affect us with their novelty. But before we proceed to this, let's remember and say a few words about those who are no longer the first time try to create interesting games for us, and to whom we must be grateful to all new products in the game sphere, how could you guess this developers and publishers. Let's start with the developers, they became a studio called Bugbear Entertainment, well, as a publisher performed a completely different studio, which is called Namco. Check all the abilities of these developers and compare what they have created with what it was already before, you can only put Ridge Racer Unbounded download torrent. Well, now let's talk about the game itself, and all its most interesting details. Let's start with the plot, and the game events that you should expect after you put Ridge Racer Unbounded download torrent. It is worth noting the fact that the game is designed for several gaming platforms, namely: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows. This game is already a ninth of the Ridge Racer series. If you follow the words of developers, then in this game you should expect the following: a sufficiently large number of game tracks, you will be provided with new opportunities when colliding with opponents' cars, and you can during the passage of the track find enough short ways so that you can cut the road, and get the finish line first. In this game, there is quite a lot of things that we are used to see in FlatOut. Therefore, if you want to remember everything that happened to you while playing in FlatOut, then for this you only need to download Ridge Racer Unbounded through torrent. Your main task in this game is that you will need to manage your rider, and the ultimate result should be involved in one of the main racing clubs, which holds its race on the street. You also expect something interesting, namely: you can destroy everything that you want, and for all you will receive bonuses for damage, and for all you all accrue glasses, and with their help you will raise In general ranking. Well, now let's say a few words about the features of this game.

Features Ridge Racer Unbounded

• Interesting and simple plot. The developers were able to bring to life, quite simple, but at the same time a fairly interesting and exciting storyline. Thanks to him, even a novice player can easily adapt to this game, and he will have a fairly much desire to play this game. • Racing. The most important element of this game, it is during races that you can score the number of points you need to be needed to improve your overall rating. And you can earn these glasses after you will destroy everything that you can only during races, and it will not be so easy to do it.

Year: 2012
Developer: Bugbear Entertainment
Crack: Included (SAM2K8 \ Skidrow.v 1.13)
Download Size: 1.39 GB

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Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshot Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshot Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshot Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshot Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshot Ridge Racer Unbounded screenshot

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