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It's time to dispel myth about the fact that only Americans and Czechs can do good games. At once, two Dutch studios united to prove the opposite, and created joint efforts to be very competitive and just a quality product. This is a game Rive, download torrent which is possible right now, using our resource for this.


Apparently, the action will unfold in the future, since everything spins around the robots, between which the brutal war goes.

Players will become one of the similar mechanisms, and all available methods, including breed funds, will exterminate enemies. No wonder the developers worked over the game for several years, because they did everything at the highest category. The designation 2D speaks for itself, which means that gamers are waiting for interesting travels on the fictional world, full of surprises, mysteries and dangers. The main genre of the game - Arcade, with an admixture of the shooter. Now it is a rather running direction, so it will be interesting to play. Here it will not be famously swirling plot lines with unexpected turns, but also in free swimming, the gamers will not go either. They will be offered missions that will have to do in mandatory. In this adventure you can go at least now, only before you need to download the game through torrent and through our site, and everything will be ready.

Game process

Of course, the enemies will be smart, strong and so on, but the main character will not look weakly on their background. He will have his own properties with the help of which will win victories in battles, plus, the players have the ability to inspect 360 degrees, which means that, if you are attentive, the enemies will not find surprise. Without special effects, therefore, developers added a few abilities that look very impressive, for example, a slowdown in time when the enemy falls down. For the spectacular fulfillment of missions and victories in battles, the gamers will accrue points, and they, in turn, bring small but pleasant bonuses. Despite 2d, in graphics plan everything is done very well, since a new engine was used. The most interesting thing is that you can play almost anywhere, since this product is designed both on PC and on mobile devices. And you can install the game right now, but before this you should download Rive torrent from our site and will be limited to an interesting adventure. Here they will find themselves like lovers of roasters and lovers of action.

Features Rive

  • Compatibility of generations. This game is quite possible to be unique, because it is made based on the old school, although all modern resources were used in the development. Experienced players will help to remember the former years, and young gambling will be able to plunge into history.
  • The possibilities of the main character. The character for which players will be answered, there are quite a lot of strengths and special skills. He can change the course of thoughts of his opponents, throw them around the perimeter, slow down the time and do everything that makes the game and battles in particular spectacular.
  • Availability. The developers did not praise on their product and made it available to all. This means that the game can go on any operating system and practically on any mobile devices that have modern characteristics. It is very profitable and convenient.
  • Mechanical world. To date, a lot of games have been made in which robots appear, but here they are especially interesting, because they do not just have guns on their own body, but can use various forces. For spectacular battles, it is only plus, because the enemies can be defeated not only by firearms, but also by intelligence, but they, of course, are not stupid.

Year: 2016
Developer: Two Tribes
Publisher: Two Tribes Publishing
Crack: Included (Ali213)
Download Size: 0.725 GB

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Semi-recent
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: GeForce 8000 or better
  • Additional software: DirectX 9.0c
  • Space: 1 GB

Rive Screenshots:

Rive screenshot Rive screenshot Rive screenshot Rive screenshot Rive screenshot Rive screenshot

Action, New, Arcade

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