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Roboquest is a fast FPS RPG that can be played alone or with 2 players. Jump on steel boots with the mighty hypermobile robot and fight like you have never fought before. Accompanied by a robot, the heroine decides to explore mysterious canyons teeming with evil bosses who are trying to resist her. If you want to know who controls the robots and what they guard. Drive through randomly generated environments on uncharted ground. Charred canyons and bustling cities full of secrets, power-ups and enemies.

Roboquest download torrent on PC over the network you can free on the buttons below. Destroy every evil robot and laser-shooting boss that gets in your way by selecting a weapon from your homemade arsenal. Exploring the many randomly created for the procedure, you will find not only weapons, but also a variety of items needed for improvements and upgrades. You can buy a laser gun, rocket launchers and more. And in addition, you can also configure the robot remotely. Collect powerful technology that will help you move forward. Bonuses, skills and customization for your character and base camp. They support you after each defeat to make the next race a little easier.

In the year 2700. People live scattered across the desert, fighting for their survival. Looks pretty grim. Until a young girl named Max stumbles upon someone who can help. Old guard robot that was thrown into the sand. He activates it because he knows that with a protector on his side he can give humanity a fighting chance. The game is set in an alternate version of the future, in a country devastated by war, where you will now find only burnt and destroyed cities, gorges and more everywhere. Well, now according to the story you have to try to punish all the enemies who did it. Get behind a combat robot and start blowing the heads off a multitude of enemies, shoot everything at your disposal, destroy cars, destroy robots and just have fun with crazy exciting action. Together they begin to explore the mysterious gorges that surround them, looking for answers and a way to survive. There is only one problem. The canyons are teeming with angry robots determined to stop their advance. But who controls them? What they guard inside? Discover as soon as you decide to download Roboquest torrent online.

Play as a guard as if he were an extension of his own hands. Smooth and responsive controls. Nothing stops you from doing your Battle Dance. You're Fast. Make it happen fast. Movement skills are essential to progress - jump, dodge, and destroy enemies before they know what hit them. The quality that makes a bagel so complex. No checkpoints. Get ready to fight until you've mastered a level, with constant rewards that propel you further each time. The game features fresh, organic 3D environments in randomized order to keep you on track. Each race is different from the previous one. Get Ready.

Starting with the first battle, you can choose from several Guardian series, each with its own gameplay and abilities. Each turn comes with its own unique set of Guardian enhancements, allowing you to further influence the way you play. Robo fully supports the use of a gamepad (some parts of the game and some interfaces may require the use of a mouse during demo and development). Unlock secrets scattered throughout the game, earn rewards and collect story fragments.

Year: 2022
Developer: RyseUp Studios
Publisher: RyseUp Studios
Crack: Included (Goldberg Steam Emulator)
Download Size: 2.22 Gb

  • OS: Windows 10 / 11 (64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 4130
  • Memory8GB
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • Space2GB

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Roboquest screenshot Roboquest screenshot Roboquest screenshot

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