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Ruinarch is a game simulator in a sandbox that creates obstacles and contradictions in procedurally created fantastic worlds. Inspired by such scenarios, like RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress, weave suffering and joy stories undergoing the game Ruinarch. This game gives you all the instruments of hell to help you influence the lives and relationship of people. Ruinarch download torrent you can read below.

There are many ways to hurt. Choose from three archetypes overlord - each with its style of the game. You just want to focus on outrageous destruction or you are more interested in a more subtle approach to the puppet? You can customize them even more by adding other functions that you are suitable. You can try a combination of destructive magic. The most direct way to destroy all villagers - just use magic, such as meteorites, earthquakes, fiery balls, lightning and much more. But what if you throw a meteorite in poisonous puddle? Poisonous weather chills is something! And this is just one of many frightening ways to combine elementary interactions and create your own cocktail of destruction! There are three different ruler, each has its own style. Choose the most suitable option for you. Take responsibility for. There are more cruel and simple methods, such as destruction or cunning and intrigue. Use magic, send meteorites and other serious problems to your departments.

In the procedural formed world, you can sometimes play with some powerful objects. If you find necronomicons, offer an undisciplined evil agriculture, and he will destroy the life of the village. But be careful, some items can be used against you! You may accidentally hit the villagers. Of course, you can destroy the world with fire and ice, but the real fun begins when you beat off the life of people to draw them into difficult and tragic situations! Defeat the local hero with the help of lycantropy and watch his faithful friends attack him once when the moon came out. Defeat a boring man with distrust and watch the catastrophe as soon as you tell his wife about the crime.

You can raise and raise monsters. You can catch a lost monster and leave it in the children's. So you can get a copy of it anywhere in the world. Unforeseen versions of monsters behave differently than their wild fellow, and special actions for them are defined separately. They can distribute malware. The eye structure allows you to collect information about important events in the world. You saw a knight, pouring a shamanic drink? Source to date and tell Shaman! Become a cruel destructive life or be softer. You can easily destroy settlements using meteorites, earthquakes, fiery balls, lightning and spells that will carry you all away. There is necronomicon, which can be given to any citizen so that he become an intermediary and turned it into necrotic. Breeding wild animals in the nursery to terrorize whole villages. Your eyes can see all information about people and track their actions. Your favorites, who are called evil demons, are ready to obey all teams. Do not participate in the ceremony and take a citizen who himself sends him into the thick of the devil.

You can call on small demons. In the underground world, many demons ready to serve. Evil demons can attack villages, and lazy dams can protect your demonic buildings. There are only seven different demons, each of which is a mortal sin. But be careful! When they die, you need to wait for their full recovery before making the following call. You can wash people and join the cult. Take the peasant and betray him to the devil. You can wash it there. If everything goes well, he will return to his village as a secret member of the cult and will calmly serve you.

You can torment people. It can build a prison and place residents. If necessary, you can torture it with different strange ways to get into trouble. Maybe someone will break up and will become a serial killer after returning to the village? You can arrange a zombie apocalypse.

Year: 2020
Developer: Maccima Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.278 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: Integrated
  • Space: 2 GB


Ruinarch screenshot Ruinarch screenshot Ruinarch screenshot Ruinarch screenshot Ruinarch screenshot Ruinarch screenshot

Sandbox, Survival for weak PC, Indie, New, Strategies, Simulators, 2020

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