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Rune 2

Meet the continuation of the adventure role-playing game about the adventures of the famous Scandinavian Warrior, who in the last version of the game entered the fight with the gods themselves. He realized that the world is in danger, therefore, using the help of the mythical beings and other gods, he was able to deal with enemies, using not only weapons, his physical skills, but also magic and magic.

In the second part of the iconic game you will defend your kingdom again from new gods who want to sow chaos in an open fantasy world. That's just your Scandinavian mighty warrior will not allow them to do it. Unfortunately, now on your side will not be already familiar assistants. Somehow they moved away from wars, and now you alone will have to deal with the gods and destroy the Supreme Cunning God in the game Rune 2, download torrent from whose you can completely free on our game portal.


Previously, your hero could with other advisers of justice and mythical animals to deal with the gods. That's just now you alone have new game missions. The gods defenders moved to another plan, so now you have to show yourself as an individual person, which is capable of being able to save the world from new gods with the help of physical, magical and mental abilities. In this game version, you as a player will have to explore the new abilities of your warrior. To do this, it is necessary to study the features of Scandinav Viking. View game rollers, read locations, and then you can apply your incredible physical abilities to defeat dangerous enemies in the face of the sinister gods. Very interesting adventures are waiting for you in this game, given that nuance that you alone will fight with monsters, mythological creatures. You have prepared a new mission - save the world from monsters. We are looking for a weapon, pump the magical abilities of your Scandinavian warrior, and now the Supreme God alone will be able to be proud of your victories, if you all do the right thing in the game.

Mechanics of the game

Start the game game with learning your main character. Since the help of other gods to wait no time, you will independently master new types of weapons, as well as study your incredible magical abilities of the spell to plunge the most dangerous enemies. In the course of the whole gameplay, you can destroy the whole hordes of evil minions of the gods. Download Rune 2 Through torrent from you can free from our game server. And still be vigilant, because your character will not have a submissive, the developers made the gameplay even more exciting.

In this version you will need to just destroy the enemy using your new unique features and abilities. Do not touch the enemy, use all the power of your mighty viking to save your kingdom from evil gods. In the process of the game, you can also mined new resources on open locations, and in the dungeons there is something to get.

Features Rune 2

  • Weapon. Magic swords and blades, as well as new spells available in the new version of the game, so focus on learning new types of weapons.
  • L1. Your Viking is now alone will straighten with insidious gods. The game does not provide for cooperative mode, so upgrade your character to perfection.
  • Graphics. Compared to the last version of the game, the graphics were much improved, so enjoy the new open world of fantasy.

Year: 2019
Developer: Human Head Studios
Publisher: ESDF
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: eleven.07 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 760 / AMD Radeon HD 7850
  • Space: 30 GB

Rune 2 Screenshots:

Install And Play.

To play on Windows 7, copy the "Rune" folder from the "Windows 7 Fix" folder to the root of the game.

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