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Sally Face Episode 1-5

Our face is always under the utmost attention of surrounding people. After all, always primarily a person in appearance. We always look at the heroes of the game from the side, that is, from a third party. This is especially characteristic of classic quests. But the developer of the game Sally Face, Steve Gabry, went on a different way. You will not see the faces of the main character, because in the plot it was worn back in childhood.

Because the protagonist always hides it. They are or tied, or hidden under the mask. Apparently because the game is called Sally. In fact, in the original, the phrase Sally Face has more some kind of mockery over the worried face of the Sally-Crosli type. What awaits you in the game? Already 4 episodes of the game came out and therefore you can Sally Face Episode 1-4 download torrent on the link below.


Who is so salli? Sally oddly - boy. All the game can be perceived as a girl if they did not interfere with other characters in the game. All Wine Long Hair Boy, which he collects in two tails and becomes like a girl. And why Sally makesone such a hairstyle you will learn if you get into the bathroom on the fifth floor, which will not be easy. Despite all this, Sally behaves like an ordinary teenager, but with a large share of cynicism. Still, a disheveled face affects not only the appearance, but also on the psyche. The main character lives with his father. The Hero's mother recently left his life, and they with her father very long and try to quickly forget about this tragedy. The boy likes heavy music and he visits a psychologist. Also Sally is trying to get acquainted with his new neighbors. From that the most interesting begins. How is the fate of the boy you can find out if you want to download Sally Face Episode 2 torrent for free on this page.


After Sally and his father move to a new home, the main character goes to get acquainted with new neighbors. Bypassed all the 5 floors, he understands that there are quite unusual people in the house. Moreover, there is a brief in the house and maybe it is not the only 1. On the fifth floor of the house is maintained. It is closed, but there is some kind of person sitting there and tells some nonsense. At the same time, the house has recently happened in the house and you have to participate in its investigation. In total, there will be five episodes in the game and they will go alternately.

In the game it is possible to choose which changes the storyline. Also, with full and unhurried passing of the game, you will see much more than if you hurry. In general, the game is more about the inner experiences of a teenage boy with elements of mysticism and horror. Of course there is a detective story, even though she passes from the face of the child. To understand the essence you need a game Sally Face download torrent.


If you like gloomy cartoons, then this is a game for you. Although at the beginning the game describes everyday life, but it is only to introduce you to the characters of the game. Then there will be more horror and tense moments. The game is transferred to the legends about the city ghosts, but not this makes the game atmospheric. History of a teenager with a broken fate pumps a gloomy mood of hopelessness.

Year: 2017
Developer: Steve Gabry
Publisher: Steve Gabry
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.489 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Space: 500 MB

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Sally Face Episode 1-5 screenshot Sally Face Episode 1-5 screenshot Sally Face Episode 1-5 screenshot Sally Face Episode 1-5 screenshot Sally Face Episode 1-5 screenshot Sally Face Episode 1-5 screenshot

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