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Silent Hill

Your attention is provided with a legendary game called Silent Hill. The developer is Team Silent. Probably most gamers already know what the presented game represents. This project is one of the most excellent representatives of the genre of Survival Horror.

In Silent Hill you have to play for the main character, whose name is Harry Mason. Once, he gathered with his only daughter Cheryl on vacation.

And suddenly, frightened the shadows that jumped out before them, they fall into an accident. His car falls into the cliff, and waking up, he discovers that Cheryl is not near. And there is only a city ahead, fully shrouded in fog and full silence. Harry was not frightened for a joke, and neither almost thoughtful, he went to the city in search of his only daughter, which is in great danger. You are intrigued? Then recommend you right now Silent Hill download torrent completely free on our game site.


What is the whole story started? At the very beginning I would like to tell about how seven years ago Harry Mason and his wife accidentally found a newborn girl on the side of the road. After that, they adopted it and called Cheryl. But, unfortunately, after three years, Harry died, and the only close man for him became a daughter - Cheryl. He loves her, as his own.

Gary Mason is a writer very famous in his district. And as you already understood, he has a seven-year-old daughter, called Sheril. In one day, she asked her father to visit the strange and cold city - Silent Hill. However, almost a few kilometers before entering the city, accidentally accidentally happened, and when Harry comes to himself, he discovers that his daughter is not near him. Of course, he immediately rushed to look for her, because he has no other way. So the entire plot of the game is unfolding, in which there is a large number of game characters, including his daughter.

The presented part of this game very strongly opened the society of players, thereby presenting such a genre as Survival Horror and a new genre approach by adding 3D-style to this game and a couple of elements that can well impress the viewer of this game genre.


Chief Hero of the Legendary Game Silent Hill - Harry Mason. He is looking for his missing daughter Cheryl in the city of Silent Hill, where he arrived on vacation. The gameplay of the presented toy consists of many battles with monsters, terrain research in order to find important games for various objects and solutions. Also in Silent Hill, a view from a third party is used, but, despite this, in some locations to achieve a dramatic effect, the camera "Watch" for characters only from predetermined places. Thanks to all this, at the time of release, this project was different from its predecessors in the Survival Horror genre, which were used at this time only switching the camera between fixed positions. Also in the game there is no HUD interface, because of this, the gamer will have to go to a special menu in order to learn the health level of the character. To get acquainted with the gameplay game you need Silent Hill 1 download torrent for free on our wonderful site.

In addition to the listed, during the game, Harry has to resist the monsters with a cold and firearms, which is very often found in locations. We perfectly understand that the main character is an ordinary person, he has no serious fighting skills, and that is why he shoots very inaccurately. Also, Harry will not be able to withstand a large number of blows from monsters, and after a long running, he gets his breath at all.

Year: 1999
Developer: Team Silent (KCET)
Publisher: Konami
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.491 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Video: 256 MB VideoMemory / Compatible with OpenGL
  • Hard disk: 1 GB of free space
  • Sound: any compatible with
    DirectX 8.1 / with support for DirectSound

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Silent Hill screenshot Silent Hill screenshot Silent Hill screenshot Silent Hill screenshot Silent Hill screenshot Silent Hill screenshot

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