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As you already understood, the game project The Simpsons Hit and Run is designed based on the longest American animated series. Probably there is no man who at least once heard about Simpsons. This cartoon is so popular that, of course, the release of the game was simply inevitable. In the presented game project on your way all the famous characters of the animated series will meet. If you want to plunge into unrestrained fun, in a sea jokes that are related to the events in the cartoon, then we strongly recommend you SIMPSONS HIT AND RUN download torrent on our game storage.

Here you can take on the role of Homer, Barta, Auu, Marge or Lisa, well, and most importantly, fun to rush on different cars on a beautifully familiar city of Springfield. In the first of all, this toy will be interested in all fans of the cartoon. It is also worth noting that the developers have promised their fans more than 60 different and interesting missions in which you will visit Kwik-E-Mart, on the power station, and, of course, at home by Simpsons.


The plot of this toy wrote the creators of the animated series, and therefore here you will find a lot of excellent humor and interesting stories. Move around the city you can on different cars, which in the game, by the way, more than 40. Therefore, if you are the Yarym Fan Simpsons, then you can safely download Simpsons Hit and Run torrent on our video game.

Game process

Simpsons Hit and Run tells the story of a popular site of the Simpsons family of the same name, which again fall into incredible adventures. This time in a small town Springfield there is something incomprehensible: there is a swarm in the sky, it's unknown from where the OS-robots appeared, and very strange black vans ride through the streets, well, and the worst thing is that people began to disappear. And therefore, reveal all this is the command of the Obelchkov: Dad Homer, Mama Martj and their children - Bart, Lisa and Ana Simpsons.

At the end of the investigation, it becomes clear that the aliens of Chang and Kodos, scrubbing all their intentions, are preparing for displaying the intergalactic program "Stupid Earthlings", where to increase the interest of the audience to their creation, they want to set all the population of our planet in the most unsightly light. To achieve this goal, they are poured into the reservoir of the town of Basz Cola, who reduces people crazy, and after that they begin to act, so to speak, remove their reality shows. After that, for the sake of an even more ranking, these skillful delints want to make something more stupid, they want to distribute laser guns to all unhappy madmen and arrange universal luck. And now a brave family together with Professor Freinka needs to upset this creepy plan with any ways, otherwise the death will come to all residents of Springfield.

Features Simpsons Hit and Run

  • SIMPSONS HIT AND RUN Waiting for you more than 56 different missions at 7 huge levels of all familiar city.
  • In the game you have to go through sprintyield - in the role of Homer, Barta, Apu, Marge or Lisa.
  • For the first time you have the opportunity to explore the interiors kwik-e-mart, power plants and even the houses of Simpsons.
  • You are waiting for the newest plot and dialogues that are written by the series by the series.
  • All voice acting is currently actors.
  • Also in the game there are driving with the participation of 17 different characters, among which the cell, a guy from comics and a lot.
  • Torch, in the game you are waiting for more than 40 unique cars.
  • Well, the animated and hidden jokes give the feeling of participation in the next episode of the series.
  • It is worth noting that all hidden jokes contain specific additional materials from the "last" season of the series and delight the real fan.

Year: 2003
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Crack: Include
Download Size: 1.29 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU: Pentium IV 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Video: 128 MB
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 2.3 GB

Simpsons Hit and Run Screenshots:

Simpsons Hit And Run screenshot Simpsons Hit And Run screenshot Simpsons Hit And Run screenshot Simpsons Hit And Run screenshot Simpsons Hit And Run screenshot Simpsons Hit And Run screenshot

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