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Sims 2

Everything, probably, in childhood, played a favorite electronic game called Tamagoti, where you needed to take care of a tiny creature. So this, the second version of the virtual simulator of life will provide the user with a lot of opportunities to create and develop its own gaming character. You create your own sim and manage it, studying his world, form it as a real person. Also you define whether your sim woman will be a man, or a child.

From the right development of your hero, further its relations with people and the world. In the game Sims 2, download torrent which can be directly from our game site, you will form the nature of your wards, making them both positive and negative qualities.


You create a unique hero in your liking. Some sims will constantly arrange disassembly with neighbors around the house, others really strive something to steal, others are real Casanov who spend most of the game in nightclubs and on various parties. And the third is just a homemade who love to sit at home, watch TV, play a computer console. All your heroes you create comfortable conditions for taking the soul, for sleep, for walking through the streets. And all the characters must be controlled. If they correctly behave under different circumstances - you get game bonuses that you can spend on anything .


You make sure that all the needs of your heroes are performed, and if you ignore them, then your characters will search for food on garbage, in trash can. They will swim in puddles, and you as a user will lose precious gaming bonus glasses. If the Siema becomes boring, then you can go outside, get acquainted with new heroes, bring them to your apartment and communicate to different topics. Communication is also an important factor in the game. Download Sims 2 through torrent is free and fast from our game server. And most importantly, this is certainly your abode. It is necessary to equip it with the whole of your family. But for this again, virtual means are needed, which can be earned by sending heroes to work. Professions can be mastering a bunch in this game.

Interesting Facts

Be sure to follow your apartment, because there may have a fire and you home will completely burn, if you suddenly take off the gas. But visit the locks where the ghosts are found, if you want to feel the tide of adrenaline. Actively in the game, then you can earn a lot of virtual money.

Features Sims 2

  • Your native house. You can independently build up the construction and arrangement of your home, and you can buy a house yourself. Look for quarters where you can buy or rent an inexpensive house.
  • Home design. You can make up the project of your home with a graphic editor. Design correctly roof, walls, interior, balconies - and then your home will look just wonderful, and will not be ashamed to invite friends to yourself.
  • Entertainment complexes. You will be able to press concerts in your free time, go to fitness clubs, go to the resort, ride on the American slides, and also have fun with children in the city park.
  • Sims 2 game, download torrent for free of which you can already without restrictions on our site, full of unique locations and tasks.
  • Furthers your home. Robbers and even aliens from distant planets can be penetrated, so lock your apartment on all locks when you leave the house. All as in real life.

Year: 2004
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: 1S-Softklab
Crack: Include
Download Size: 2.71 GB

  • Windows 98/98 SE / ME / 2000 / XP / VISTA, CPU: 800 MHz (2.4 GHz for owners VideoMaps that do not support T & L)
  • RAM: 256 MB, 8X CD-ROM / DVD,
  • Hard disk: 3.5 GB Free Place,
  • Video: 32MB compatible with DirectX 9.0c and T & L, Sound: Compatible S
    DirectX 9.0c.

Sims 2 Screenshots:

Sims 2 screenshot Sims 2 screenshot Sims 2 screenshot Sims 2 screenshot Sims 2 screenshot Sims 2 screenshot

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