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Sky Break

Humanity in mortal danger: the virus destroys thousands of people every day, and salvation needs to be sought on another planet. Everything depends on you! Captures? Then click on the Sky Break link, download torrent, what can be done right from this page. And now let's look at this game closer.


On the start of the plot, we told you above: Humanity dies off due to an unknown virus. The best scientists of the planets say that the medicine is not on earth, but on a distant planet that outside the solar system.

Fortunately, people have already appeared such ships that are able to quickly deliver to any corner of the Milky Way. And our hero in the expedition flies on the planet where the medicine against the virus is. All, Hepping End? Not there was something! On the way to the planet there is a breakdown in the ship, and the astronaut team suffers collapse on the planet. Crew members scatters around the entire alien world, which kept robots in their iron hands. Once upon a time, humanity sent robots to this planet to this planet, which went down and, alas, came out due to control.


The toy is created in the genre of the sandbox with a full, three-dimensional graphics and role-playing elements. The picture in Sky Break is really not bad: high-quality animation, three-dimensional characters, dynamic lighting, worked shadows. The world around the world is open, and contains a lot of secrets. In addition, the player initially falls on a small "heel" of the surface: everything else needs to be examined, the map is covered with "fog".In the game you will need to equip your own space station. To do this, you can create additional "rooms" - compartments where you can engage in craft, treat health, product a costume and much more. There is a place in this game for battles. At first you will have to fight with small robots, which produce resources, but have sharp cutters. But as you pass the game, you will come across more dangerous opponents, which not so easy to overcome.

Interesting Facts

The character in the game has a pet - this is a small drone who will follow you everywhere. It can also be improved, and as you pass the game, you can turn it into a real combat unit.

Features Sky Break

  • Unique alien world. The game world does not look like something used to see earthlings. Unprecedented height of plants, strange fossils, amazing animals. Game World Fully Open For Research
  • Kraft. The game has a crafting system where you can create new items and whole compartments in the space station, comparing several elements among themselves
  • RPG - Elements. The game has elements of the role-playing game, such as the character pumping, the creation of new items, and also the battle itself is similar to the one that is used in RPG Games.
  • Plot. The script in the game is small but dramatic. The fate of all mankind depends on you. If you do not find a medicine, you will die all your friends, relatives and loved ones, which remained on Earth.

Year: 2016
Developer: Farsky Interactive
Publisher: Farsky Interactive
Crack: Included {hi2u}
Download Size: 1.70 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
  • CPU: Dual Core
  • Memory: 3 GB RAM
  • Video: Radeon HD6970, NVIDIA GT 750
  • DirectX: Versions 9.0
  • Space: 4 GB


Sky Break screenshot Sky Break screenshot Sky Break screenshot Sky Break screenshot Sky Break screenshot Sky Break screenshot

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