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This fascinating game can be called one of the best in this genre, as you will go to an amazing journey through the fictional world, your main character you can develop in the course of the game, is provided with complete freedom of action. And you can also play both from the first and from a third party, to join different guilds, hunt for insidious mythical creatures. In the game Skyrim, download torrent which is located for free on our game server, you can become a legendary Kingdom Savior, which threatens another danger.

Dragons returned led by the most insidious excessive creation, which sows panic and chaos. You yourself are half a year, so you can drive such dangerous creatures from your Earth and return peace and tranquility to your kingdom. The gameplay now has become more understandable, the interface is pleasant, and the missions themselves are simply unique. Know what real courage and courage. The fictional world is waiting for a new hero in your face.

Prologue to the game

Full freedom of action and the creation of your unique character to your taste is a distinctive feature of such a fascinating role-playing game, where it will come again about the already famous fictional kingdom. Now all the actions of the game will be transferred to one magic province, where new conflicts will breed a fierce war in which your unusual hero will take part in which the blood of man and dragon. As you have such an intriguing start? And that's not all, you will need to save the kingdom and become a legendary ruler. But for this you will need to comprehend all the secrets and legends of the kingdom. After killing the king, many want to pick up the thr1. Demonic creatures storing to immerse the Kingdom of Tamriel in darkness. In the game Skyrim, download torrent which is free from our game server, you can become a real and invincible warrior, which will stop the bloodshed and ease away all the cunning enemies trying to head the royal thr1. Very exciting action awaits you in this game.

Game Fabul

In this game version, you will meet with the most terrible and dangerous creation, which flew to the fictional land of the kingdom to fully subordinate power into your hands. Now he wants to enslave all the game races and factions and establish its order. But it was not there. The leader of the war comes to the war path, which to unite with representatives of other races to give the whole army of dragon-like creatures. You will not only be a defender of your land, you as a player can still find new resources, combine whole armies in order to fight for their lands. Aduuine, so the name of your main game opponent is a very cunning enemy who has long seen your lands for a long time. Now he was able to form a huge army of excessive creatures, which simply began to burn the territory of your kingdom. But you are a crazy warrior who can resist such flying mythical creatures. Excellent gaming missions, many adventures and affordable weapons - now has come to your way out.

The king was cruelly killed, and now conflicts broke out in the kingdom, races began to unite to seize the Kingdom. Ancient legends say that now in the fictional kingdom there will come darkness, and the most dangerous and insidious enemies will return on the territory - this is the firewent. The kingdom threatens a complete collapse, and only you can stop merciless wars, uniting with other dragons that will be on a light way. Battles will be cruel, so you need to create your unusual character who faithfully will defend their kingdom where he was born. The forces of darkness are coming, and now you need to arm yourself, and become a real savior of your kingdom. Many dangerous missions you will pass before you go to the throne Skyrima. Fascinating plot, flying dragons - all you will see in the process of such an exciting game. Dark dragons can be resolved using the unusual force given to your player at birth - powerful voice. Use it and you will not be the winner.


In the process of the game, you can also stop the conflicts between the two game races, which are ruthlessly fighting for the throne after the death of the great emperor Tamriel. And here also dragons. So a little need to work hard in the process of the game Skyrim, download torrent from the of which every visitor of our free game server can. Use your unique gift - a powerful roar that you can drive the enemy from your land. Join the unions, search for resources, but do not forget about your main purpose - save your native land from the invasion of dragons.

To start your gaming way, you as a player will need to choose weapons, magical abilities and spells. Without such qualities, you will not be able to withstand flying firewood creatures. At your disposal will be a huge selection - more than a hundred new weapons are available in this version. And another pleasant and understandable game interface. By the way, the game is completely translated, so everything will be clear and you can start your game way without problems. Download Skyrim from Through torrent can every user of our free game server.


As the game levels passing, you can learn how to use not only with your powerful roar, but also provided with unique magical spells. Magic will also help you defend your lands and drive dragons from your kingdom. Become a real lord of such a huge kingdom. All races must be rally, and you will become their leader.


Tamriel is already waiting for his new ruler in the face of your hero, only the forces of darkness are already coming, gradually immersing the territory of the Kingdom in the darkness. Destroy the plans of anti-heroes and become a light lord of your state. Born to destroy the strength of darkness - so you can paint your main character of such an unusual and exciting role-playing game.

Features Skyrim

  • freedom of choice. You will independently create a unique character, having endungendled it with unusual game features and abilities.
  • Dungeon. On such locations, you can find a lot of useful resources for your hero, but only remember that the decans of dragons attached deep underground - these are the orcs that you will also have to face.
  • Graphics. The new engine will allow you to enjoy unique terrestrial and underground landscapes.
  • Create your character. You are invited to create your unusual hero yourself and give it unique abilities. But for this you need to go through several game missions to earn initial gaming capital.
  • Weapon. Here the choice is huge, you will be able to find unusual types of weapons, as well as be able to use magic spells against enemies.
  • Voting power. It is just such an unusual ability given to you at birth, you will skillfully use along the whole gameplay.

Year: 2016
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: eleven.23 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit version)
  • CPU: Intel i5-750 / AMD Phenom II x4-945
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GTX 470 1 GB / AMD HD 7870 2 GB
  • Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Space: 12 GB

Skyrim Screenshots:

Skyrim screenshot Skyrim screenshot Skyrim screenshot Skyrim screenshot Skyrim screenshot Skyrim screenshot


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