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SOLAR SMASH (SMASH) on PC - in front of you the so-called great simulator, which is currently inclined to build, but destroy. Before you our planet ended and space. Below is the number of people living on it. She rotates, the day is replaced at night, lit lights - in general he goes with his own. For gamers who love explosions, and a bright game, very similar to a solar gap. The main task of the player is to destroy the planet.

The list is somewhat similar to the main worlds, including the Earth itself. They must be destroyed and destroyed by destroying its inhabitants. Gamer should download Solar Smash on a PC - and you can go to the attack! With this you will learn the structure of the Universe. You are waiting for many amazing moments where everyone can get acquainted with what around. You should be able to constantly use unusual tools that allow you to better cope with all the tasks. There are many weapons, missiles, lasers and more in your arsenal. If you scan an enemy ship, boldly remove it. If you do not give yourself, it will be even more interesting.

At your disposal in Solar Smash for a computer there is a dozen of cataclysms that you can send to mankind. Starting from the fall of the meteorite, ending with the collision of the planets. Check out these devastating technologies right on Earth. You can choose any planet and act on it with different types of weapons. An interesting game is also because it is impossible to predict in advance how this or that the weapon will show itself. A huge explosion can happen - and the planet no longer exists. And sometimes special damage is applied, then other methods must try. But first of all you need solar smash download torrent on PC.

Of course, the fall of meteorite into the ocean or lifeless desert will not lead to sacrifices and some significant destruction. But if you send it to the center of the Big Megalpolis, then the victim of the victims immediately joins. But it is so to pamper yourself. For this, the ADA will have to take advantage of something more powerful. Matting on the planet can be completely. Toy against interests, which in the process of destructive actions allows you to watch the planet from the inside. Some of them are completely hollow. And bombs that fall on the surface and suddenly turn out to be inside the world, begin to behave special. Every time differently. This interest in the game. Throw - and there will be either a crazy explosion, or there is no reaction. Nothing is unknown in advance, but everything will understand when you decide to download the solo Smesh on the PC latest version.

Burn the surface with a heavy duty laser. Jump into it through the hole with the entire planet. In your strength, in just a few minutes, turn the blue ball in a lifeless stone element, covered with lava. When you run the toy, you will be sent to outer space. You must destroy several dozen planets and galaxies, trying to use all possible functions for this. You will deal not only with human civilizations, but also someone else's. It is important to destroy everyone who is on your way trying to become the only owner of the outer space. You enjoy different devices to get unreal pleasure from it. Therefore, we recommend immediately download SOLAR SMASH on a PC torrent. It is pretty carefully in what is happening to get a lot of positive emotions.

Then you can switch to other planets of the solar system and are practiced in their destruction. Beautiful realistic graphics will provide good visual effects. You can always quit live planets and find dead lands. The player is given the opportunity to destroy Mars, a dead star. There is no way of what earth grounds are used. Nevertheless, presumably, the population. Perhaps this is humanoids or another type of life activity. To get full access to the game you need to download the game Solar Smash on PC hacking everything openly. If you want to track your progress, you must take advantage of special statistical data. You can analyze what actions give you better, after which they tighten the weaknesses. Try to develop harmoniously, then there will be no difficulties in achieving the goals. Try destroy all enemies on the way, then get a lot of awards and emotions. Do not forget to pay time to start your abilities, because it will be much easier to cope with the tasks.

Year: 2021
Developer: Paradyme Corporation
Publisher: Paradyme Corporation
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.03 GB

  • Windows Vista / 7/8/8.1/10 (x64)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD
  • Memory: at least 2GB RAM (2GB free disk space is not a replacement RAM)
  • HDD: 4GB disk space

Solar Smash Screenshots:

Solar Smash screenshot Solar Smash screenshot Solar Smash screenshot Solar Smash screenshot Solar Smash screenshot Solar Smash screenshot

1. Download and install the application by button to download.
2. In the search for applications, enter Solar Smash, find the game and install.
3. After installing the installation, click on the Solar Smash icon in the "My Applications" section.
4. Now you can play SOLAR SMASH on PC.

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