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SoulHunt download torrent You can free on our website - this is a role-playing game of a new generation with elements of a strategy and action, very popular among millions of gamers around the world. The game has a good combination of beautiful, cartoon graphics and a huge number of characters. You can plunge into the fabulous world, where there is already a long confrontation of wizards, knights and dragons.

You have a chance to head your different detachment to overcome accomplices of evil forces! Hurry up to become a real leader of the team of legendary heroes, because more than 100 unique, incredible characters are available to you. You may invoke Wulf or Ice Dragon, as well as other strong fighters. Stick Strategic Balance to obtain a really perfect team from representatives of support, tanks and attacks. All this will help you make a real star Mova! In addition, you can improve your favorite heroes using the soul stones that are in every corner of the world.


As often happens, the basis of events that occur in the game is the fascinating story of the confrontation of good and evil. Long ago there were eight fantasy kingdoms led by strong heroes that had special abilities. All these states quietly lived, and the heroes were very often sent to joint campaigns against enemies. Once, in one of these raids, they were overtook the trouble, which applied the strongest magic in order to scatter our heroes around the world. After the deprivation of the kingdom of defenders, the enemies of ill-wishers set their orders, arrogantly among the residents fear and panic. You must collect characters by Soul Hunters and free the land from all sorts of unfriendly.You, together with your army, should break the opponent's barricades, protect their own allies and put the mass damage. In addition, it is worth remembering that the attacks of the enemy can be interrupted in a completely any moment. You want to become a master of the Arena? Then you have to show your abilities and skills of gamers from all over the planet! Earn new titles and remuneration to constantly improve. Get to the top of the top and turn into a heartless shower hunter. It is interested in you? Then hurry to download Soulhunt torrent for free on our site.

Tips for passing

  • In the game you can pass missions several times, and at the same time earn extra gold and experience.
  • Use "Stripping Tickets", you need for re-passing the task. So you can avoid battle with those opponents, but get pleasant bonuses.
  • Do not allow the death of the characters, so you can get the maximum reward per level.
  • Perform all initial quests to open the heroine named Flora, which can heal the wounded.
  • Collect more equipment fragments in order to get unique and stronger equipment for their heroes.
  • All the time check your mail to keep aware of events with good reward and for free bonuses.
  • Purge a merchant to buy very necessary things. The range is updated four times a day.

Features SoulHunt

  • In the SoulHunt game you have to destroy with the help of the heroes the strongest curse, which looked all the kingdom.
  • You can explore mysterious lands where you are full of magic and mysteries, all this will help you collect the strongest team.
  • Also during the game, enjoy beautiful features with plausible animation.
  • Get a lot of pleasure from the beautiful gameplay, which is connected to fantastic effects.
  • Train your strategic abilities in the game in order to achieve the desired victory.

Year: 2017
Developer: Wintercell Studios
Publisher: Wintercell Studios
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.183 GB

  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP
  • CPU: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Versions 9.0
  • Network: BroadcaseOSInternet connection
  • Space: 1 GB

SoulHunt Screenshots:

Soulhunt screenshot Soulhunt screenshot Soulhunt screenshot Soulhunt screenshot Soulhunt screenshot Soulhunt screenshot

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Horror, RPG

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