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Spiderman 2

This time we want to present you the official game based on the cult film masterpiece for the authorship of Sam Reiimi, which is called Spiderman 2. It is worth noting that this gaming project takes the basis of only a few episodes of the same picture of the same name, at this time, continuing to develop the narration in its own way. As you already understood, you have to play the role of brave person-spider and challenge not only the distraught Dr.

Octavius, but also a whole gang of various enemies, which was not in the original film. You must save the whole city from Tolstolic Rino and closer in a fight with the puma, and after immersed in the bizarre world, which are created by cunning Mysterio. And all this is only to in the end, to return the normal life of a long-suffering city into circles. Well, you are ready to help the chief hero? If yes, then hurry a spiderman 2 game download torrent on our video game. Missing here you definitely do not have to!


The submitted second part of the game tells about the Pauka's Perigetism, as well as in the case of a prototype, returning back to the plot of the film under the same name. The most important opponent of our beloved Peter Parker, who as a result of an accident in the laboratory acquired unusual abilities, is now Otto Octavia, which is known in the Criminal world as Dr. Octopus. In addition to the mentioned scientist, which is equipped with mechanical, manageable with brains with tentacles, a spider person to fight with other dangers. These include: Reno - equipped with a very durable shell, Mysterio - a real master of illusions and special effects and the Puma, which is a half-blooded Indian and has a life goal to become New York Shaman. The developers of this game project is the Studio The Fizz Factor. You have to deal with a simple arcade game, which flows from the perspective of a third party. You, as a spider person, you need to perform several not very complex tasks that are combined into larger episodes. Well, you are ready to overcome one of the main opponents and to the battle with the doctor ossinag himself? Then we recommend you download the game Spiderman 2 through torrent on our website web resources.

Combat system

As for the battle system of man-spider, it is simplified to the impossibility this time. Now the main character hits his hands and shoots onto the opponents of the web, and all this is done by one button. So do not be afraid to get confused, because it is impossible to do it. The right button is responsible for evading, but it is extremely rare.

It is worth noting that the game is quoted not only for children's audience. Everyone will find something interesting and unusual here. Management in the game is very simple, and the tasks are not complicated by any obstacles. As for the graphics, it is at the level of 2004, and no different from the projects of that time. I am glad that the game project is made in 3D.

Features Spiderman 2

  • In a person-spider, you have to protect the city from villains, applying all the abilities and skills of the main character for this.
  • In the game you have to fight opponents in a setting, which is borrowed straight from the movie.
  • You must destroy criminals and day and night, and for this you can use a convenient control system Point-N-Click.
  • Use the web to get from the streets of Manhattan to climb on the roofs of the highest skyscrapers.
  • During the voicing of the game, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina and Toby Maguyra were used.
  • Developers prepared for you unique musical accompaniment and excellent sound effects.

Year: 2004
Developer: The Fizz Factor
Publisher: Activision
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.409 GB

  • Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10
  • 600 MHz CPU
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 16 MB VideoMemory

Spiderman 2 Screenshots:

Spiderman 2 screenshot Spiderman 2 screenshot Spiderman 2 screenshot Spiderman 2 screenshot Spiderman 2 screenshot Spiderman 2 screenshot

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