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Stalker Darkest Time

Your game call sign is labeled, you were able to get to the most important area in anomalous z1. But now in your hands hit a video disk with some information that is able to solve the most unusual secrets about the infected area. Conflicts arose between the groups, now all the uniform free mercenaries broke off. Government troops who abandoned in an abnormal zone do not cope with their direct responsibilities, and mutants and monsters are simply walking along the infected area, trying to find and enjoy human flesh.

We again wear a gas mask, take weapons in your hands and try to find out new and important information about the infected area. In the game Stalker DARKEST TIME, download torrent repack which is already from our updated gaming site, you will see a completely new conductor who must fulfill global missions.

Tie game

Your main character, it seems to get to the end point in the contaminated area. But I could turn off the so-called degree, but only he will have to study information in a new way. As already mentioned, your hands got an unusual disk that you will need to carefully study along the game. On the disk another character named Gleb, tells interesting facts about the infected area. Now you will have the opportunity to play in the game immediately for two protagonists. You can play for your stalker, but you can also play on the side of another character, which will be able to stop chaos in the territory. You can also know weapons, as well as your brain to find out the whole truth about the occurrence of the cataclysm. In order to fully explore the disk materials, you will need a safe place.

Game Fashion

During the game, you will need to perform a number of tasks and missions. All your new tasks in the game are a little complicated. And you must surely view the video materials that prepared for you as a player game developers. Sided missions will allow you to accumulate a lot of virtual cash to pump your main game protagonist. Download Stalker Darkest Time Through torrent You can always absolutely free from our game server. On the new locations in the face to face, meet with the most dangerous new mutants who are walking around the territory, trying to destroy all the living on their way.

Gaming facts

Every time you explore the infected location, look for yourself aid kits, because the level of health for your character must constantly replenish. And first aid kits are scattered in the most unusual places in the game. So find them!

Features Stalker Darkest Time

  • Voice acting game. You will see a fully, where all the main characters have been voiced by all familiar real personalities.
  • Side tasks and mission. You must also go through additional quests, for the successful passage of which you will accrue bonuses. And they need to fight insidious and new mutants on the infected area.
  • Gaming edits. In this fashion you can see even more objects, as well as many unusual details of clothes for your character. Armored suit, a unique sniper rifle - it is all possible to get if it is possible to correctly develop a character in the course of the entire gameplay.
  • New heroes. In this complement, you will meet new shooters, and also representatives of weak gender, which also hit the z1. Download the game Stalker Darkest Time Through torrent you can free on our game portal. But they also need to beware, because women have their cunning gaming tricks and maneuvers.

Year: 2016
Developer: Klinggames
Publisher: GSC Game World
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 5.19 GB

  • OS: Windows: 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Hard disk: 15 GB
  • Video: 1 GB, DirectX 9.0c


Stalker Darkest Time screenshot Stalker Darkest Time screenshot Stalker Darkest Time screenshot Stalker Darkest Time screenshot Stalker Darkest Time screenshot Stalker Darkest Time screenshot

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