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Stalker combat training 3

Stalker combat training 3 scene modifications, where the player will act as an agent under the cover for participation in secret special operation by command. In addition to the new filling of the plot, combat training 3 acquired an extended weapon, the numbering of the weapon model 161, an improved modification system, new characters, mutants and an updated geography of game levels that have about 57 seats.

The project has become a direct continuation of the plot of previously released combat training 2, but the third version has changed the game engine and is built on a fashionable basis, it is made on the basis of Chernobyl and SOS call Opmizshow 25 Addon using scenario operations from shkiper2012. Stalker combat training 3 download torrent you can free on the buttons below.

Pass the plot stalker combat training 3, possibly, when playing all groups, besides grouping bandits, monolith and zombied. Our main character is an employee of a special purpose with a call 027. After the operation of "control" and a large explosion, the agent remained in the zone, for its more detailed research. After a big explosion, many new territories appeared, a separate z1. The main task of the agent 027 is a collection of information about groups, their goals and, if possible, the elimination of key indicators of groups, scientists of illegal scientific laboratories and output units of deferred and distribution of equipment and documentation used in criminal goals. Agent has a leader - curator. During the mission, he issues the following task that is currently the most relevant. Communication with the curator is carried out on foot or personal meetings. With the death of the curator, the new time will arrive after a short period of time, he must wait. His first message at the beginning of the game is a place where you need to arrive to get a job. Part of the tasks The curator will be released through the PD channel, so carefully read the messages, tasks will not be repeated. If the curator was killed, a new one will appear at the point, clean the locality so that it is not to shoot on the approach and follow messages. The plot ends when after performing all the tasks of the curator, it informs you about the task and completion of the operation. Next you can play without restrictions.

Places - Total Number 57 pcs. Location of locations approximately corresponds to the real zone of alienation of the Chernobyl z1. Some transitions to PDAs are hidden. They should be found on the site. All places, including underground, with the exception of 3 bunkers, have a minimum of 2 outputs or more. Anomalies - all that were in the original are included, but for some reason do not participate. Monsters: from insects and worms for birds and fish, everything that came in "Fashion". -)) So much.

Weapons - number of models 161 pcs. The brand of weapons and the type of ammunition is appropriately real, none of them invented, with the exception of the prototype GAUSS-weapons, TTX weapons in the description, as well as the target range. The range of pistols in the new engine is fully implemented, the flight of the bullet along the real trajectory. Excess the trajectories during the attachment installations that you need to know. In the description, the weapon is aimed at what distance. And therefore we suggest download stalker combat training 3 right now. Optical sights are aimed at the central brand, + it is specified if you can transfer to a large assortment with additional vision brands. Ammunition: In the hood, the description of the weapon now shows all types of ammunition, which in the game for this weapon. The last line in the description shows which ammunition at the moment weapons are charged.

System charging: Now you do not need to disassemble the entire BP, charging when you reach the desired type, it is enough to open the equipment and the mouse to drag the desired type of BP on the weapon into the slot and the closing hood click the recharging button - the weapon will be charged by the type of ammunition, which you pulled out (be sure to practice understanding the action mechanism). If the folder is not clear, there is a link to recharging video. Standard Recharge Mechanism works as usual. Optics - 31 types of optical attractions. And already now you can stalker fighting preparation 3 download torrent. Under each type of weapons, their sight mesh. They are not interchangeable, as the path trajectories of the bullets of various ammunition are different. Consequently, the types of weapons with which it is used in the game is written in the description. Mesh changes automatically when connected by hands. Each binoculars have real characteristics. If it does not automatically hit the slot, right-click and indicate "Put in the slot". Binoculars are also sold and purchased. Cartridges: 74 types of cartridges. Registration of cartridge package icons is carried out according to real species. TTT Cartridges Real. When calculating the purpose of damage to the target of the bullet, speed, weight and design of bullets, as well as weight and brand.

Year: 2021
Developer: Dyadya Sasha Shkiper2012
Publisher: GSC Game World
Crack: Include
Download Size: 6 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO E6400 / AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: 512 MB DirectX® 9.0C Compatible Card / Nvidia® GeForce ™ 9800 GTX / ATI Radeon ™ HD 4850
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 13 GB

Stalker combat training 3 Screenshots:

Stalker Fighting Preparation 3 screenshot Stalker Fighting Preparation 3 screenshot Stalker Fighting Preparation 3 screenshot Stalker Fighting Preparation 3 screenshot Stalker Fighting Preparation 3 screenshot Stalker Fighting Preparation 3 screenshot

The mod is packaged in the archive consisting of 4-parts: BP-3_Cocos.7Z.001, ...002, ...003, ...004. Does not require installation. Just unpack downloaded archives.
Run the game file "STALKER-COC. Exe »Which is in the root folder" BP-3_COCOS ".

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