Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) Download PC Game Free

Stalker Defeat Zone: New ERA V2.0 (OGSR Engine)

Stalker Beam Zone New Era V2.0 (OGSR Engine) - a new version of the all-faced fashion. April 14, 2006., After dismantling the Chernobyl NPP, the Delta team landed in the affected area to find out what was the cause of the explosion. On the first day, the connection with them is interrupted, and the headquarters decides to send the groups of alpha and beta testing to find them. In addition, the scout was sent by the name of the shooter.

During the search, "Beta" is attacked, Alpha disappears. Before the shooter there is a difficult task: to find "Alpha", help "Bethe" and rush to the Chernobyl NPP in search of "Delta". Defeat Zone New Era 2.0 - presented as a change with the revised plot, where in addition to the radical recycled plot in the game a new component appeared in the form of high-quality texture packages, new NPC and monsters drawings. RKL; New gaming levels and integrated set of weapons - all on a new game engine. The main character in the epicenter of the special operation of the special operation in the zone was the legendary shooter. He should not only survive, but also save three military groups, landed in the Chernobyl NPP area. Stalker Lescription Zone: New Era 2 Download Torrent You can on our website for free.

Gaming industry, and especially talented and young developers do not cease to make games special and popular. The presence of a unique mechanic, high-quality graphics and voice acting makes the gameplay interesting. The pastime for the PC will help to remove stress. The game is designed in the genre of a shooter with elements of strategy and RPG. Here every player will break the new development of events. The developers have tried to make history as unique as possible and interesting, so do not hesitate with its download. Project History Stalker Benestviation Zone New Era is a game that is capable of pleaseing to please anyone player, regardless of his wishes, preferences and requirements. You can say the developers invested the whole soul. It was before the smallest detail of physics,, graphics, voice acting and visualization. It makes the game of high-quality, interesting and most unique, so do not hover with its installation. Players will not regret the choice, since here they are waiting for a new and extremely exciting journey.

HISTORY OF EVENT EVENTS NEW ERA 2.0 begins on April 14, 2006, when a series of dazzling lightning strikes occurred from the Chernobyl station. The order decides to send a special group to the defeat zone with the call sign "Delta" to determine the nature and nature of the explosion. After landing in the appointed place, two more special forces will be lost and sent to the Center for Communications and Management Delta Group. Beta and alpha groups. In this case, the arrow was sent to the zone as a third-party observer. During the opening of the first group of Alpha disappears without a trace under unknown conditions. Beta group was blocked and attacked. The main task of Archer is to find an alpha group and help him in a beta group. After you connected the remnants of the blocks, go to the Chernobyl NPP to find a mouth and find out what caused an explosion. You can find out directly from the courage "Zone of the new era 2.0 ", Can the arrows survive and get to the truth.

The game is unique enough, so players will be able to meet a small one familiar with the past parts. Project Stalker is considered to be a game that was able to bring noise on the network many years ago, causing delight from the players. The team decides to send a group called Delta for a special task. To plunge into an adventure, sufficient zone of defeat is a new era v2.0 download torrent. However, no one represents how everything can end. At the time of the first operation it was discovered that the Alpha Group disappeared. It is from this that the real and long adventure begins, with which the players will be faced. The history of the game is able to pleasantly surprise and please anyone player. The main hero in the midst of events will be the commander from which the development of events and the continuation of history depends. This commander will play a player, so it is worth thinking thoroughly before making any decision. On the players is waiting for the mass of tasks, interesting missions and additional quests. Project Features:

  • The plot was revised with the main character of the shooter;
  • will have to meet with new enemies;
  • the presence of new locations;
  • non-standard set of mods and weapons;
  • Improved Graphics and Voice.

Features Stalker Bezon Zone: New Era V2.0 (OGSR Engine)

  • New look at the plot
  • Everywhere except bar, a very large number of animals.
  • Added "Stalker two-K"
  • Package texture (incomplete) and accommodation (Autumaurora)
  • Wide selection of civil hombre
  • Added package of weapons

Year: 2021
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: Prizrachnij Klblk
Crack: Include
Download Size: 4.46 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (x64 Bit only)
  • CPU: Intel® Core ™ 2 DUO 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon (TM) X4
  • Memory: from 4 GB (preferably 6/8 and higher)
  • Video: 2GB / NVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
  • Sound device compatible with DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 21 GB

Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (OGSR Engine) Screenshots:

Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) screenshot Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) screenshot Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) screenshot Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) screenshot Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) screenshot Stalker Loop Zone: New Era V2.0 (Ogsr Engine) screenshot

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