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Stalker Lost Alpha DC Extended - New Global Modification for Stalker Chernobyl Shadow. Lost Alpha - one of the most popular stalker projects in the Universe, the development of which began in 2008. Lost Alpha was originally designed to restore the same stalker. In 2014, the first version of the change was released. The map of the exclusion zone was recycled and now more corresponds to the structure of 1935 than the original game.

The event is based on the history of Chernobyl shadows. In Lost Alpha, the main character is a staircase that does not remember anything, and his PDA has only one mission - "Kill the arrow". Important passages were transferred from the first part of the trilogy, but they have been changed so that each of us could survive this story with new feelings from the song. A large number of stories and site searches were also added. STALKER LOST ALPHA DC Extended download torrent You can right now by reference below.

More than 60 cyclic tasks were added to donors of different tasks. All anomalies are necessarily corrected and divided into four groups, and not three times. The deeper you get into the zone, the more anomalies and objects. The probability of the occurrence of individual anomalies is reduced, and the probability of clusters increases. In each point is added from 1 to 3 anomalous zones, as a result of which the design object is obtained. Each zone is marked on the map during the first visit. The mechanism of obtaining glasses skills was reformed. Now he has experience. The more skill points you get, the more experience you get to get new skills. The qualifier window has a counter that shows how much it remains until the next. There are also items for some difficult and labor-intensive tasks. But you will learn about it if you decide to download Lost Alpha DC Extended through torrent. Continuous radiation has been added to most of the northernmost places (from the beginning of the landfill), which protects the helmet and is suitable for protection against radiation or objects. In very large places there is no radiation, you can remove the helmet, breathe freely and walk for a long time. Many new results were added for both mutants and NPC. Casual places with clear sky, mercenaries and army practitioners were added to some places. Increase respect for other groups. Transport was deactivated, and the associated search was repeated. Some search diagrams and pages have changed. The leader of sins no longer takes things, but rewards him for the search. I removed the task in x7 with a hologram and replaced it with something more appropriate. In general, the seismic installation in the area will send was replaced by the installation of dogs, and all the associated tasks were repeated. Several new meteorological cycles balanced the potential of all cycles for greater homogeneity. Balanced sellers. Now different sellers buy and sell products of different categories at different prices. Someone more profitable to sell costumes, weapons to some1. D. The player is invited to analyze the trader on its own. The hood was recycled to be more complex and minimalist. The difficulties of the master and veteran became more difficult, and the difficulties of experienced and novice more difficult. Balance in the game is complicated, as it motivates players to wear objects, drugs, helmets, costumes and improvements. Some accessories that are too lungs were cut off and added a lot of new ducks, but they are hidden. All soiled fixes and updates are integrated. And all this you can experience right now, but first need Lost Alpha DS download torrent. Fixed a large number of errors, search errors and inaccuracies in dialogs. There is no detailed list, since the number of such corrections is given only on the scale. Added effects of burning brain on radar, cement and priest wednesday. Without a good dog helmet, BrainBurner radar antennas will not reach a distance of 300 meters and usually 50 meters (during operation). Some objects are built-in. Numerous error corrections and errors. Correct surface curves and replace old tires new. In total, about a hundred textures were revised or replaced.


Mercenaries do not attack support, and the debt does not go to a new support. The problem of a dead city's doctor has changed (less delays, fewer friezes, less bodies). Freedom is involved in the problem. Today, near Pripyat in the center of the zone is dangerous, almost deserted place. Freedom also helps solve the situation. There are two types of safety zones, and only the repair kit can be stored, sleep and use.

Year: 2021
Developer: Dez0Wave
Publisher: GSC Game World
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 8 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel® Core ™ 2 DUO 2.4 GHz Statistics / Intel Core i3 Dynamics
  • Memory: 2-4 GB Statistics / 6-8 GB Dynamics
  • Video: 1 GB Statistics / from 2 GB Dynamics / NVIDIA® GeForce ™ / ATI Radeon®
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 9.0s
  • Space: 21 GB

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