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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

A fascinating and amazing computer toy implemented in the action-RPG genre with arcade elements and an open world, which is embodied in the "Star-military" subject with the frivolous interpretation of the plot of this fantastic saga. It is important to emphasize that prominent developers from the Lucas Arts studio have been engaged in the development of this product for a long time, and George Lucas himself attached to the scenario.

Therefore, if you want to appreciate yourself what this toy is present, then we advise Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, download torrent, using the services of our Game Portal. So let's discuss the advantages and the best qualities of this product.

The grafical part

First, visualization. The picture in the toy is really good. The surroundings are drawn carefully, with scrupulsiness. Game designers sought to saturate their gaming universe by all the "attributes" of the world of star wars. Therefore, here you can often notice familiar characters, and no "new races" developers did not seek to introduce into this traditional, and not tolerance of the "Star-Military" Saga. A separate word should be said about the physics that has been advertised for a long time to the release of toys. In fact, there is a completely destroyed environment in special places, and strongly scripted. Therefore, if you wish to assess the sortie of all the delights of the game world of this product, then we recommend Download Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, through the torrent, which can be done from the same page.


Secondly, the gameplay. The toy itself was created in the genre of action-RPG, and operates according to the generally accepted canons of the genre: that is, pumping the skills of the hero, the constant destruction of opponents with the same purpose, plot and side quests. It is important to notice that in the game it is incredibly rapidly moving the plot. The story begins with a fierce invasion of Darth Vader on the planet of the WOOL, where the Jedi was hidden. And after a minute, the action develops twenty years later! In general, the script in the game is small, short, and it is unlikely to be interesting. Therefore, if you want to personally make sure that, then we strongly advise Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, download torrent, what can be done from this page. We recommend reading and brief features of this game, where we indicated what I forgot about the review.

Star Wars Features: The Force Unleashed

  • Graphics. In the toy good visualization. The game is that the Game - designers real fans of the Star Wars series, and thoroughly drawn each element of this universe. Therefore, often on the game you can meet familiar characters, and representatives of "fictional races", which are not approved in the original, you will not find here.
  • Game. Gameplay toys follows traditional canons of action-RPG: game one character, pumping and improvement system, the ability to change weapons; Implementation of plot missions and side quests. In the toy you often have to eliminate the crowd of opponents, as in the same Diablo to get a new "piece" plot.
  • QTE scene. In battles with the main "bosses", in the svascript places, the battle goes to a QTE scene, where you need to clamp certain keys in time. In addition, the outcome of the battle is often often depends on this skill.
  • Plot. Scenario in the toy short, poorly revealed. The developers were not going to create a plot-oriented game, and immediately stated that there would be an action. So the action here happens incredibly fast. Here you start the game for Darth Vader, destroy the "damned wooks", kicked by their strength and a red light blade. A minute later, the action was transferred for twenty years ahead, where already playing the young Starkiller, the secret student of the Dark Lord.

Year: 2009
Developer: Lucasarts Entertainment Company
Publisher: Lucasarts Entertainment Company
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 7.46 GB

  • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Core 2 DUO - 2.4 GHz or Athlon X2 5200+ / Core 2 DUO - 2.8 GHz or Athlon X2 Dual-Core 6000+
  • Memory: 2048 MB
  • Space: 27183 MB
  • Video: Radeon HD 2600 or GeForce 8600, (256 MB), (Shader Model 3.0) GeForce 9800 GT, (512 MB)

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