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Modern strategies increasingly affect global issues, get answers to which you can only play a computer game. The product that will now be discussed is a true representative of the modern 3D strategies that is trying to change the course of history. This is a game Steam Squad, to download torrent which you can, using all the possibilities of our Internet portal. The players will look at the events of the First World War and will take direct participation in them.

It is the gamers who will be able to turn the course of history in the opposite direction. China, Roman Empire and Britain will come in battles for world domination. The players choose their own side, and manage the troops that they will trust the heads of state.

Plot games

World War II lasts extremely long. All sides on the outcome and strength and resources. Nobody wants to give up, because the rates are too high. The leaders of all participating states do not give teams to leave the battlefield, although they see that both soldiers and officers are very difficult to continue to fight. Taking command of one of the armies, players must do everything in order to win, put an end to a multi-year war, and save as much number of soldiers as much as possible. It is worth remembering that all destroyed objects after the end of the war will have to be renewed again, so the resources must be taken as long as possible. Players cannot make decisions on their own. Gamers should clearly perform the instructions of the upstream guide. Only so you can bring your country to victory. At the same time, playing should often connect logical thinking, in order to overcome the opponent and not allow him to cross the boundaries of his country. Even after the start of the game, the war will last too long, but the gamers can not only win the gamers, but also to stop constant bloodshed.


As in any tactical strategy, in this game, the gamers will need active logical thinking, dexterity, attentiveness and perfection. Those players who possess all the above qualities can right now Steam Squad game download torrent what to make each wishes allow unlimited resources of our site. For experienced strategists there will be nothing complicated in terms of management. Newcomes of the genre will be able to quickly master all the subtleties, and hit their soldiers on the battlefield. Immersed in the atmosphere of what is happening, dynamic gameplay will not let anyone until the end.

Interesting Facts

Taking a pretty popular plot, developers, however, were able to make a project original. It forced many gamers to download Steam Squad torrent because innovative ideas are always welcome. Developers not only tried to change the course of history, but also added to the strategy 3D elements, particles Steampunk and Setting.

Features Steam Squad

  • Present weapon. Developers managed to recreate all combat techniques, which corresponds to the times of the First World War. Moreover, players can equip their soldiers to their own discretion.
  • Realistic physics. The gameplay is so dynamic and real, which immediately takes the gamer on the battlefield. The game is already called one of the best projects in terms of the desktop genre, despite the fact that it appeared quite recently.
  • Dramatic fights. Developers made the most realistic hand-to-hand fighting, shootouts and battle of military equipment. The level of destruction is the maximum. As not strange, the checkers added also the elements of the steampunk, which looks very very organic.

Year: 2016
Developer: Bretwalda Games
Publisher: Bretwalda Games
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 0.908 GB

  • OS: Windows XP and above
  • CPU: 1.7 GHz and better
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce / ATI Radeon HD
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Space: 2.3 GB

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Steam Squad screenshot Steam Squad screenshot Steam Squad screenshot Steam Squad screenshot Steam Squad screenshot Steam Squad screenshot

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