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Stepmania (Stamania) is a clone of open source named Dance Dance Revolution. The game is played either on the "dance rug" (legs), or on the keyboard (fingers). The song is played, and the arrows (up, down, left and right) appear at the bottom of the screen and appear as the song reproduces. When the arrow reaches the top of the screen, tap in the desired direction of my legs or fingers. Arrows reproduce in time (and often synchronized) with rhythm of music.

You are trying to get into the top of the screen "on time" with music. And the time is the time so that Stepmania download the. The dance rug effectively dances to the music in accordance with certain movements, but there is a lot of space for personal styles, the movements of the upper body and dance habits. The game presents a wide variety of styles, music, levels of complexity, graphics, advertising, themes and effects. You can even play a multiplayer on the Internet. It is for this that you need Stamani download for free for a rug.

In this game there is no plot or unusual tasks. It's just a dance competitive game where the whole game is based on hit at the right time on the right boards. There is only a special dance rug in the game, as well as your own reaction and rhythm. Everything is done here on the simplest system. Simply select a song in a free mode, stand up on a dance rug and fall on the desired boards in accordance with the system that appears on the screen. There are only four panels (lower, top, left and right), and the corresponding arrows appear on the screen for you. And right now you can Stepmania download torrent for free.

Of course, depending on the administration, there are certain rules. For example, it cannot be errors because the error consumes energy. If the energy falls to zero, you will lose. But with the right functions and combinations of STEPMANIA 3.9 You get additional bonus units. And here you will find just an incredible choice of different songs, the ability to configure the interface, as well as many additional bonuses, achievements and awards after you decide to download for free. Install the game, call your friends and start having fun to beat the rhythms on the dance carpet and earn rating glasses.

Year: 2010
Developer: Stepmania Community
Publisher: Stepmania Community
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.603 GB

  • Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10/11


Stepmania screenshot Stepmania screenshot Stepmania screenshot

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