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Strange Brigade

This is a rather original adventure cooperative game where the four brave servants of the Crown of the British Empire will go to remote areas of the Earth to bravely fight with different beings that attack British lands. The events of the game turn into the distant thirties of the last century. Your four characters are unique and brave personality with which you will go on a dangerous journey to destroy all representatives of supernatural forces.

Here you will see the mythological creatures that one insidious villain patronizes. It is her who you must catch and destroy to complete my final mission. In the game Strange Brigade, you can download torrent for free on our website games, you will receive an unusual weapon for your heroes. Each of the four ministers will have their own, dissimilar on other weapons and armor. As well as tactical opportunities are different from your characters.

Story line

You will be sent to fight with formidable creatures for different territories of the globe. You will be in Egypt, ancient Greece, and there will be hunted on insular creatures. But in the course of your missions, you will still hunt for indiscrect treasures. But you will attack suddenly a variety of mythological and even mythical creatures. If you are in Egypt, then beware of the tomb, because unexpectedly you can attack the mummy. Skeletons, Centaurs - Such enemies will constantly interfere with you in search of treasures. But each hero has its mental and physical abilities that you can learn along the whole gameplay. If you do everything right, then you can destroy enemies, get valuable artifacts and successfully return to your lands. But the cunning heroes have already prepared surprises for you. They act unexpectedly, so you need to act in the game in the same team. Examine all the possibilities of your treasure hunters, and then you can definitely fight at the end with the leadership of all creatures that hides in Egypt.

Mechanics of the game

Your heroes will constantly inspect all locations on all game territories. You must keep your ear in Egor, and always at hand you should have a weapon, because the enemy attacks rapidly. Each warrior is a unique hero. One cleverly owns firearms, another character will be able to put the traps, and the third will throw the enemy with grenades. Download Strange Brigade Through torrent you can easily, visiting our new game server. So go on the journey and bring trophies to your British lands, having completed the will of Crown Britain.


You can pump the characters yourself, and you will constantly replenish your game inventory with new objects. Weapons always keep at hand. And in the process of the game you can change your characters, given their physical and combat capabilities. Very fascinating adventure is waiting for four brave heroes!


  • Weapon. Firearms are available for your wards, but here's another one of your hunters will hack opponents using a sharp machete. One max - and mummy will destroy input.
  • Game levels. There will be many levels, and each of them is generated by chance, so do not expect similar game levels. They will all be different and exciting.
  • Graphics. Colorful landscapes of the ancient countries, pyramids and tombs - all this looks quite perfect. The new game engine did its own, and even interesting demo rollers are available in this game.
  • hidden treasures. Look for artifacts inside temples and tombs. Explore every corner, but be extremely attentive.

Year: 2018
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion
Crack: Included (CPY)
Download Size: 16.52 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-Bit)
  • CPU: Intel CPU Core i3-2100 or AMD Equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) OR NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti (2GB)
  • Sound: Compatible S
  • Space: 35 GB

Strange Brigade Screenshots:

Strange Brigade screenshot Strange Brigade screenshot Strange Brigade screenshot Strange Brigade screenshot Strange Brigade screenshot Strange Brigade screenshot

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