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Street Fighter 4 (2011) The long-awaited continuation of one of the most hardcore series of computer games, which was created in the fighter genre in two-dimensional, flat form with a truly high-quality, and a good combat system, as well as the presence of several game modes. It is worth noting that the developers of this part of the series were talented needles from Capcom Studios, DIMPS. Therefore, if you want to evaluate the fourth "street fighter", get acquainted with innovations and improvements, then we strongly advise Street Fighter 4, download torrent, which can be done right here and now.

So let's find out what a new one appeared in this part of the series?First, visualization. By graphic style, the game received a kind of "Downgrade" - the battles are held in a two-dimensional form, but despite this, the back background and the characters themselves are completely three-dimensional. During the execution of a combo attack, the camera changes its appearance, however, not always successful for a good display. New heroes for active use, new "costumes" and a bit altered animation appeared in the toy. And for one mode there are a number of recorded animation clips that can be viewed during passage. In general, all interesting changes are available in the gameplay. Therefore, if you wish to familiarize yourself with this toy, then we strongly advise you to download Street Fighter 4, through torrent, which is available to any player from this site. So let's take a look at the game.Secondly, the gameplay. Game as close as possible to the last games of the series, however, there are both improvements that perfect the gameplay and make it even sharp. For example, a button "Directional Attack" appeared. This feature is a symbiosis of the active block and reinforced impact. With your own attack you can make it so that the damage from the first strike doubled. And climbing the "directional attack" when attacking the enemy, you can "break down" a long combo-ligament. In addition to this, two scale combo appeared: one is filled with player strikes; Other - due to damage. At the same time, there is also an arcade mode in the game, which is far from simple, as it seems. Therefore, if you wish to consider this toy closer, then we strongly recommend Street Fighter 4, download via torrent, which can be done from the same page.

Features Street Fighter 4 (2011)

• Visualization. Izrodeli worked well, creating visualization. In fact, the graphics received a kind of "Downgrade" - battles pass in two-dimensional, flat mode. But despite this, all the figures of the characters are saturated with polygonal elements, and completely three-dimensional. As well as Bekgandon in game locations. • Mobile camera. During the execution of combo strikes, the camera comes into motion, showing a shot from the new angle. Alas, but not always this perspective is clear, and convenient for consideration. • Changes in gameplay. In terms of game there are also changes, but the concept of the game still has not changed: it's all the same "hard" fighting, where the dexterity of the fingers, the skill of the "pianist" and the reaction above all. • Aimed ataction. Special button that is simultaneously active block and blow. For example, with the help of this function you can sow on the Earth's Earth, and to hold him an attack. Or block even a powerful combo enemy. • Two combo scales. In addition to the usual "combo attack", an ultra combo appeared, which accumulates as damage gains. In addition, ultra combo inflicts more "Damaga", which will allow you to compensate for the player constant skipping.

Year: 2011
Developer: Capcom
Crack: Included (Skidrow)
Download Size: 5.99 GB

Street Fighter 4 (2011) Screenshots:

Street Fighter 4 (2011) screenshot Street Fighter 4 (2011) screenshot Street Fighter 4 (2011) screenshot Street Fighter 4 (2011) screenshot

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