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Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue is a unique pixel RPG Rogali from Matt Dabrowski Developers. The game combines dynamic gameplay, which is concentrated on the choice of player, the freedom of peace and unrestrained fun and diversity in style. The presented Rogali will tell you about the difficulties and problems of choice. Undoubtedly, you will learn about the consequences of the choice, as well as what can happen if you start acting without thinking.

In fact, the game is inspired by such projects like Binding Of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, so it is in the same stylist you will find yourself. If you are a fan of pixel games, then we strongly recommend the Streets of Rogue to download torrent for free on our wonderful site. In addition, here you can find interesting implemented elements of the gameplay from RPG, and that is why you need to develop your heroes, equip them with various weapons and follow the preparation.


Streets of Rogue is a pixel RPG with an open world, more precisely, even a city in which you can create a variety of madness. Only from you depends on how you will perform the tasks. You can choose your character from more than 40 types: You can become a hacker, scientist, or at all, the ability and methods of performing various tasks depend on your choice. You can work rude and bold, break into the house and well protected buildings, see everyone on our way, but just do not forget that before you you need to find great weapons, otherwise you can be a victim you. You just go crazy from a variety of weapons, here you can get hypnotizing devices or just wrapping the kitchen process. You do not want cruelty? Then you can act cunning and deftly, the game will allow even such. In addition to all of the above, there is a cooperative mode for two players, so we recommend you download Streets of Rogue through torrent for free on our website and take a friend with you, because together always more fun! In fact, the presented game is simply excellent, because to its completion you will find a lot of interesting and exciting.


The game Streets of Rogue you will pass in the modern city, and on the bottom of the dark dungeon. In order to move along the plot you need to perform various tasks, some of them are household, but there are very interesting. To fulfill quests, you need to apply the unique abilities of the characters, environmental features and healthy items. You also have the opportunity to choose, you can play as a soldier who shoots at the beginning, and then sets questions, or the game is careful and secretive.

Features Streets of Rogue

  • In the project presented you have the opportunity to play a whole plot on your terms. You can kill everyone on each side, as well as breaking computers and act unnoticed.
  • In the game, the world is randomly generated, it gives some highlight, and undoubtedly pleases users.
  • Also, you have a unique opportunity to play one of the 40 characters. Here are a large number of professions, starting from Barmen, a scientist, hacker and ending with a gorilla from the zoo.
  • Large selection of a variety of objects and items! Here you will find a reducing beam, a hypnotizing gun, a boombox, a trap on a bear, a garbage urn, as well as a huge selection of weapons.
  • You are waiting for a very advanced artificial intelligence, which will not put up with your pieces. You can try to outwit the virtual shutters and feel smarter than your computer!
  • In Streets of Rogue, you are also waiting for cooperative mode for 2 players. Therefore, call your best, it will help you easily get rid of all bandits and loneliness.

Year: 2017
Developer: Matt Dabrowski
Publisher: TinyBuild
Crack: Included (Goldberg)
Download Size: 0.136 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • CPU: Dual-Core Intel or AMD Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: DX9 (Shader Model 3.0) OR DX11 WITH FEATURE LEVEL 9.3 Capabilities
  • Space: 300 MB

Streets of Rogue Screenshots:

Install And Play.

How to play online
1) Run Steam and enter your account.
2) run the game through the STREETSOFROGUE32 file.EXE.

Creating a server to the game
Start the game => Online => Create the game on the Internet => We enter the name, the number of players and choose the level of the game => Start the game => Create a character to your liking => and click Accept => Playing (you can now roll the game and send an invitation via Steam, or wait when other players go).

Connect to servers
Start the game => online => connect to the game on the Internet => enter the friend's server (please note that a bunch of "games" will be available, but if this is not a game version - they got there randomly) / or waiting for an invitation from each other) Steam-E.

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