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Meet the most long-awaited continuation of the popular bestseller called Stronghold. The presented game project combines all the advantages of a real-time strategy and a town-planning simulator. In the game you are waiting for the most talented commander and brave, strong knights. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of hot sands of Palestine and impregnable Arab fortresses, but before this we recommend that Stronghold download torrent on our video game.

Torch, go only forward, because the crusade is already waiting for you. In the event that the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere of the East attracts you, then stand up under the banner of Islam and protect your native land from European invaders!


This game project will send you far away, to the UK, at a time when she has not yet possess such power on the continent and the sea. Events unfold in the 15th century, while the country was in relative decline. Now the Great King united all the land under one banner in order to create a good infrastructure, but, unfortunately, the barbarians kidnapped him. The presented plot is an analogy on the historical events that took place during the third time of the cross campaign. For this reason, you have to face many facts that are already registered by the official history. From this it is worth conclude that the user can now plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

At this time, all the knights were difficult to live on Earth, since all the time feudal wars were carried out, and it was necessary to earn money on bread, sacrificing for Barona or Count. The player needs to play as the army of the king's army, which will try to save his lord and bring order in his lands. As for the construction of castles, defense and strengthening the infrastructure will also lie on your shoulders, thanks to this you can create a powerful army with constant resource supplies. It is worth noting that you have to recruit recruits from villages, where the peasants are usually engaged in agriculture. Having gathered taxes with him, you will take the strongest men in order to train their craft of war. In more detail about the plot and about the gameplay, you will learn after you decide Stronghold download torrent for free on our website web resources.

Separate maps

Separate maps are a classic community regime against a computer enemy. By the way, the game can take place on one of the independent cards, as well as the cards that are created by gamers. The player can configure the number of computer opponents (from 1 to 7), alliances, as well as the initial conditions of the duel.

Game process

In fact, the game process resembles a very thoughtful, so he will like many gameraras. As for the geographical consequence, the farms you can build only in grassy oasises, for this reason, gamers compete for limited space for farms. The project adds new computer rivals (their number depends on the game version) and several new Arab units. Well, the color of the gaming units can be changed from blue to the red.


  • In the game you will find a unique combination of strategy / urban simulator.
  • Developers have prepared for you historically reliable details that correspond to the architecture of the medieval spirit of the game.
  • There are 50 different types of buildings here.
  • More than 30 types of walls, towers and sieges are waiting for you, as well as a large number of civilians, ranging from judges and ministers and ending with jesters and urban alcoholics.
  • There is a multiplayer game.

Year: 2002
Developer: Firefly Studios
Publisher: 1S-Softklab
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.436 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium II 300 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Video: 4 MB
  • Sound: Compatible S
    DirectX 7.0
  • Free Place on Hard Drive: 800 MB

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Stronghold screenshot Stronghold screenshot Stronghold screenshot Stronghold screenshot Stronghold screenshot Stronghold screenshot

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