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Stronghold 3

Stronghold 3 (Stronghold 3). This next version of the popular strategy can be divided into two modes - this is an economic and military strategy, because you will again have to create defensive structures in your chosen territory. In this case, you will encounter dangerous enemies that will constantly attack your sector, trying to destroy one or another castle or fortress you built. So you need to download Stronghold 3 through torrent to enjoy full unique locations for the construction of another defensive structure.


In the third version of the game, you must combine efforts with the allies, because the wolf familiar to the past versions of Games is trying to sow chaos and panic on your lands. Now you will rebuild even more locks and fortification facilities to protect yourself from the raids of enemies. The entire plot is built mainly on the construction of locks, but also a combat background in the game is visible. You can build a whole kingdom in the game, according to your tactics and plan. But it is necessary to build it as much as possible protective buildings. You must build up your sector with new buildings to protect your sector from opponent raids.


Basically, most of the game time you dedicate buildings of buildings and locks. But here to learn how to build you will help you the card, on which potential areas for the construction of various buildings are indicated. After choosing a type of structure, you will place your fortress or castle on the empty sector with a light movement of the mouse. You can expand your game owners if you can dial a lot of glasses in the game. Long-term game, so at any time you will be able to rest a little to upset your gaming sector. Stronghold 3 game, download torrent which can be from our game server, provides the siege of enemy sectors even at night. But for this you need to make your own plan and determine the tactics. At night, you can pick up more resources from the opponent. Therefore, pay attention to this fact.

Interesting Facts

To successfully attack the rivals sectors on the game, you have the opportunity to conclude allied agreements - thereby together with your clan or game alliance you can conquer whole kingdoms. So act with allies, although it is best to first try yourself as a single player. Do everything progress in the game - and success is guaranteed.


  • Game graphics and physics. With the help of updated graphic and physical engine, you will be more accurate to consider the building and fortress in the game, and you can easily destroy the objects of enemies.
  • Siege at night. As mentioned, you can get resources at night. But here you need to skillfully attack the sector of opponents. After all, opponents at night carefully guard their sector. So be vigilant and attentive, attacking the enemy at night.
  • Diverse tactics. Apply different tactics in the game, especially when you attack enemy territories. Each opponent has its tactical abilities, so let's read your opponent carefully before attacking his sector.
  • Building castles. On your location, you can build the maximum number of locks, if you go through a certain number of game levels. Start with a simple level, moving gradually to more complex.
  • Build and warmer. First, develop your sector for fixes and locks, and then you can brand a bit. So distribute resources in the game rationally.

Year: 2011
Developer: Firefly Studios
Publisher: 7Sixty
Crack: Included (Reloaded)
Download Size: 3.59 GB

  • OS: XP, Vista, 7
  • CPU: Dual Core - 2.0 GHz or Quad Core - 1.8 GHz
  • Memory: 2048 MB
  • Space: 4309 MB
  • Video: GeForce 7900 GS or Radeon HD 2600 XT, (256 MB) / GeForce 9800 or Radeon 4800, (512 MB)
  • File System: Fat, NTFS

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Stronghold 3 screenshot Stronghold 3 screenshot Stronghold 3 screenshot Stronghold 3 screenshot Stronghold 3 screenshot Stronghold 3 screenshot

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