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Survivalcraft 2 on PC

Survivalcraft 2 is a continuation of the high quality and updated clone of the cult game Kubo for mobile platforms. Players get new features and options that deepen the mechanics of survival (diseases, predators, temperature conditions, ). Crafting mechanisms, various recipes and more. Combined with 4-person co-op and gamepad support, this makes the game a great way to have fun and get creative. Explore the coast of a huge biome, gather resources, build, create and do whatever you can to save your life and your friends.

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The main improvements over the previous version are that you can do many different things, design the island the way you want, remove or fix various magical creatures, and completely create the concept of the game. It is important to remember that you can make detailed changes to the surrounding world before starting the game. Here you will find many sliders, menu items and other options to help you create a world to your liking. If you do not want to delve so deeply into the settings, select a random world. There are several modes to choose from that greatly affect gameplay. One mode gives you full realism, which includes a more complex system for crafting, getting inventory and other things. There is also a free mode that has a special menu where you can get absolutely everything available in the game files. In the meantime, we suggest you download Survivalcraft 2 on PC for free. This space allows you to freely engage in creativity, which manifests itself not only in architecture. There is also a pure form of survival, where survival comes first. The abundance of choices greatly increases the replayability of the project. The game will have brighter and richer colors, interesting graphics that will require more requirements as the device creates the world. You have the ability to play simultaneously with three players on a split screen.

The player is forced to explore a huge cubic world. To survive in this world, you need to build a house, make all sorts of things. Apart from the main character, there are no humans, but there are many different kinds of wild animals and other dangers. You don't have any equipment, but you have all the development from scratch: make weapons to protect yourself from wild animals, build a bed, make a fire and find something to eat. The popularity of sandboxes has increased because of the free and elaborate construction. Here you can build any size house, towers, pools, livestock, and so on. You don't know what beauty can come from ordinary gray boulders. In the latest updates, the developer is working on building materials. Roof details, fences, a swimming pool, tunnel supports, and more are now available. There are also problems with electricity. In a separate menu, there are elements of the circuitry that you can play. Here you will find generators, lamps, sound cards, circuit boards and other useful elements. The most experienced users are already proud of their working systems on video stages that can create the most amazing things. Convince yourself when you decide to download Survivalcraft 2 full version for free.

The story begins with an unknown ship taking you to a deserted island and gently hinting that no one will come for you. You need to take care of yourself, which helps you spread natural products everywhere. To survive in such a barren and desolate world, you must remember all the survival skills you can see in many movies or TV series. You have to hand it to the developer, even though the game looks appealing and cartoonish, but many of the processes and necessary actions are close to real survival. That, in fact, is what attracts all fans of such games and makes you download Survival Craft 2 on PC for free.

Features of Survivalcraft 2 on PC

  • Three-dimensional graphics with an imaginative visual style. Minecraft fans will be delighted with the chosen design, everyone else is in for a pleasant surprise in the form of a high-performance project on almost any medium.
  • A game of the sandbox genre. In the inner world of the game, you can do as you please. There is no linear plot, tedious and tedious quests and instructions on where to go next. Have fun building, exploring, fighting, and gathering resources.
  • A simple navigation system and informative interface will help you understand the functionality of the application, as the game is not localized language. However, even a beginner can stay on the island in the early days, each key contains a themed image.
  • Procedural Worlds. Every adventure in survivalcraft is unique. You never know what world you're in now. Locations are randomly generated, so you won't be bored for long, scouring the map for valuable locations.
  • Create your own metal city with the app's extensive recipe guide. It has almost everything. They start with creating primitive tools and end with making complex structures and mechanisms.

Year: 2016
Developer: Candy Rufus Games
Publisher: Candy Rufus Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.03 Gb

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 (x64)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD
  • Memory: at least 2GB RAM (2GB of free disk space is not a replacement for RAM)
  • HDD: 4GB of disk space

Survivalcraft 2 on PC screenshots:

Survivalcraft 2 on pc screenshot Survivalcraft 2 on PC screenshot Survivalcraft 2 on PC screenshot Survivalcraft 2 on PC screenshot Survivalcraft 2 on PC screenshot Survivalcraft 2 on pc screenshot

1. Download and install the app by clicking the download button.
2. Enter Survivalcraft 2 in the app search, find the game and install.
3. After completing the installation, click on the Survivalcraft 2 icon under "My apps".
4. Now you can play Survivalcraft 2 on PC.

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