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Syndicate Wars Syndicate Wars is a game released by the Bullfrog Productions Studio, which will send the user to the world of Kyperbank. The game is a continuation of the game Syndicate, which managed to successfully prove himself on the game market. The second part, as the first, offers the user to become part of a big war between syndicates and begin the struggle for power on the streets of the city.The action of the gameplay is happening in the future.

According to the plot of the game, the corporations were very sustainedly approved their positions on the top of the board, and the world has long been controlled. Socium stopped representing the community of people with his own minds, and instead, began to serve those who control the consciousness of the masses using them as puppets in a greater game. Luxurious life is only available to a little, and most of the people are stirred in poverty, cold and hunger. The situation reached the stage when the police become powerless, and deliberately turns out to hostage people with large pockets. The state of affairs is caused by a new organization, part of which you have to become. Download Syndicate Wars Through torrent you can on our website. The group includes 4 operational agents who have identified street wars. Becoming a member of the group, you have to steal, hack and fight.There are several game classes in the game, as well as the possibility of developing heroes and a "peaceful solution of conflicts" with other characters. Under this term, developers imply a secret exposure in the form of a computer or maintaining a dialogue, eliminating the need to exercise battles for power. Syndicate Wars game, download torrent which is possible on this portal, is characterized by a set of a large number of functions, one of which is the use of explosives. It can be used everywhere where the player only wishes. The user should be attentive to this subject, since its use is able to kill all four agents at once. Opponents you have managed to kill, can also apply explosives in a few seconds to death. The game sounds siren, which warns about the nearest use of explosives near the terrain where you are. In this situation, it is necessary to change the location in the fast mode to preserve your life and continue the mission. Syndicate Wars game, download torrent that you can on this portal is a fascinating operation in tactical mode, which will pass all without exception! The game will especially please lovers strategies with ECHN elements under DOS.

Features Syndicate Wars

-Playful graphics - interesting plot-urban dynamics - a large set of landscapes that can be destroyed by using explosives-simplified combat-function "Peaceful conflict settlement" - Future functionality - the ability to keep a tactical strategy-presence of sirens warning about the nearest explosion-large selection of ammunition - compared to the first part, strategic elements have become less. For example, the use of narcotic agents has been simplified to the maximum, leaving only soothing or exciting substances in the form of a strip-possibility of using the camera to track the actions of opponents. The camera has a function of rotation and tilt for more efficient observation - a new three-dimensional graphics engine-isometric game interface survived and delight the fans of the first part with its consistency-control agents can be made both alone and the group, and control proceeds with the keyboard and mouse

Year: 1996
Developer: BullFrog Productions
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.735 GB

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Syndicate Wars screenshot Syndicate Wars screenshot Syndicate Wars screenshot Syndicate Wars screenshot

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Dop. Information: DosBox or VMware is very desirable for modern machines to normalize the speed of the game (and in general to start it)

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