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Shrek is a computer gaming project designed by the full-length animation film. The main character is a huge green OGR, which lives in full alone on a swamp in the vicinity of the city-state dune. Despite his terrible look, Shrek is a very kind character. If you are a fan of funny, exciting arcade, then we recommend you Shrek game download torrent on our video game site. We assure that for this game you will spend more than one hour of free time and without a doubt get a maximum of pleasure.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

This is an arcade 3-D game, from a third party. You are waiting for a non-standard and funny idea, saturated with many funny situations and humor. The game is an updated continuation of the history of the world inhabited by rolling rabbits. In fact, most of them are desperate psychopaths. No one in any doubt arises, it is only necessary to blame for the behavior of some of them. In the first part of the story, the main character even had to go as one of the gladiators entertaining the rooted evil rabbits.

Lego Worlds


World Lego

This arcade game with a three-dimensional image and beautiful cubic animation will necessarily have to taste users who like to build. Before you a huge number of worlds that are created from multicolored blocks. You must create your own world, inhabited by its unusual buildings to taste. In the game LEGO Worlds, download torrent which is possible for free on our new portal of games, you can create unusual worlds with bright landscaped game devices that will be available in the game.

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing

Cartoon hedgehog hero named Dreamnik returns in this new part of a fascinating arcade game. Previously, he performed a lot of interesting missions, saving the fictional cartoon universe from the faint of cunning heroes. He collected gold coins, ran away from the persecution of anti-heroes, but this time your main and barbed character would have to prove that it easily owns unique vehicles. So your dream book will now become a crazy rider who can prove full excellence on the tracks.

Moto Racing 3d

Moto Racing 3D

In Moto Racing 3D you are waiting for incredible, exciting movies from the first person. Here, gamers have to compete with each other during dynamic races in high-speed motorways full of other participants in the movement. This fascinating game project is presented for all lovers of extreme races, speeds and motorcycles! We know that you are a wonderful racer, prove it! To do this you need Moto Racing 3D download torrent on our game portal.

Roblox (Robloks)

Roblox (Robloks)

Roblox is a free game that allows children to plunge into the world where they can imagine, create and play together in an exciting 3D. From this article you will learn how to install Roblox software and how to download it for PCs with Windows, iOS and Android phones. All games and experience on Roblox are created by the players themselves. After the player has registered and created his avatar in Roblox, it is provided with a place with a virtual set of tools (known as "Roblox Studio") to create and implement innovation.



Avtariya is a great game in which you can perfectly spend your free time. Users need to create a unique character, and then plunge into the fun world of interesting acquaintances. Find a new friend or even real love is now very simple. Find a few free hours to relax from the routine. In this game you can develop your fantasy and change efficiently. Each Internet user can download Avatar on your computer and laptop.

Crash Bandicoot 4 It'S About Time Latest

Crash Bandicoot 4 It'S About Time Latest Version

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is the most long-awaited continuation of the famous game, the developer of which has become another studio. An important factor was the fact that it will be available on PC. You will be engaged in the study of your world, passing quests and tests, also engage in combating common enemies. You can safely call that the fourth part of the game is a continuation of previous.

Paw Patrol The Movie Adventure City Calls

Paw Patrol The Movie Adventure City Calls

Paw Patrol The Movie Adventure City Calls (puppy patrol The city of adventure calls) is a fun arcade based on the popular children's animated Puppy Patrol series. In particular, this game is devoted to exit full length rolling in the movies, which means that there are quite new heroes and places that have not yet met in the animated series. Big City - Big Adventures! When Rider and Puppy Patrol find out that the Hamdinger mayor captured a noisy megapolis, they must rush to fight to save the city of adventure from their selfish plans.

Balan Wonderworld

Balan Wonderworld

Balan Wonderworld - Stunning platformer based on the Balan Theater. Heading the mysterious master of Balan Star Emma and Leo use different costumes in the grotesque and strange world of miracles, where real memories and dreams are combined with what is really in the hearts of people. In the Wonderland, Emma and Leo are waiting for 12 adventures, none of which is not like. You can explore the corners of the labyrinth levels in each story to find each story.

Hypercharge Unboxed

Hypercharge UnBoxed

Check out plastic toys Perform sergeant duties. More ammunition. Your mission is to stop the destruction of Hypercore. If he is destroyed, say goodbye to my friends. They forget you as if you never existed. Collaborate and defeat for all toys in the future! Hyperrode is in danger. If you destroy it, we will forget all the toys, and people will forget them, as if they were not. This should be avoided at any cost.

Lego Turtle Ninja

Lego Turtles Ninja

Lego Turtles Ninja gladly opened the doors to the bright and beautiful world of those who do not indifferent green mutants, fearlessly saving peace from evil and subligate enemies. This game contains the history of the cartoon of the same name, which introduces us with unusual mutants. If you are a big lover of fights, and you like charms for boys, and the contusion does not frighten the contusion, then you can download the game Lego Turtle Ninja through the torrent is completely free and without registration on our wonderful site, and your head will plunge into fascinating and exciting passage.

Toy History 3

Toy story 3

Each of the children probably fantasized either seen the situation in dreams when his toys come to life. As a rule, it happens at night. It is not even clear, whether it is indeed an unpretentious child fantasy, or on the contrary, the thoughts inspired by many films, fairy tales and fantastic stories embodied on the screen and in the books of adult minds. In any case, this product displays this particular situation.

Nethesky Race

Nesthesky races

Russian developers pleased users with an unusual arcade racing simulator, where funny cars on radio control will perform in the role of transport. Your cars are small, you can not notice them, passersby can simply turn such a car, but it will become a real threat to animals and birds that will meet on the tracks. In the game Non-Soviet Racing, download torrent which is possible for free on our site, you will ride in different ways by driving such unusual cars.

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

Paw Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay

The fall of the meteorite has endowed puppies superpowers, but Adventure Cove suffered a serious disaster. Now under your control, puppies should use all their strength, skills and units for the construction of the city. The main feature of the adventure is that you have to walk around the city and try to find the destroyers. Every puppy is unique, because he or she has skills that allow him or use her strength, various tools and other unique skills.

Running Gods

Running gods

A few words about the game

Racing, adventure, battles are waiting for you in this game. If you attract such a genre, you just need to enter Running Gods, download torrent and start magical adventures in the fabulous world. In this game you can come to the image of God, anyone - in the game there are many of them, everyone has their own characteristics, choose - what you like will like. And then you will need to overcome many levels.

Cheerful Farm 4

Cheerful farm 4

This time we want you to present you with a new fascinating game from a popular game series of economic simulators in which you are invited to create your own farm. Now the developers have further improved the game than previous parts. In addition, the developers have not been lazy and could create a completely new level design, thanks to this, the project has become even more convenient, well, and most importantly - interesting.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

And again super heroes rush to help! Once again you will meet in the legendary world of Marvel with your own characters. Now you will travel again for galaxies and save worlds from cunning villains. Developers this time presented even more heroes and arena for battles. Download Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes via torrent is free and fast from our game site.


The plot of this exciting animation adventure action in the action style will take you to a fictional world, where incredible adventures with their favorite characters are waiting for you.

Daddy'S Daughters 3

Daddy's daughter 3

Daddy's daughters 3 - this is the third part of the game project based on the famous series "Daddy's Daughters". Before that, already 2 parts were released, they were very well perceived by the gamers, and for many became beloved. Now the developers decided to please their fans with a new masterpiece with which you can find after you decide to download the game Daughters 3 through torrent on our website of web resources.

Lego Star Wars 1

Lego Star Wars 1

Game Lego Star Wars 1 download torrent which you can on our website follows the success of two previous games of the series and makes it possible to pass the events of six parts of the film. In total, there are 36 missions in the game, and each of them will tell you a certain part of the overall picture. Due to the new game you will build, fight and have fun with incredible so far. Adventure lovers need to perform more than two dozen story missions, and also overcome more forty bonus levels.


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